David Puddy congratulates Martin Brodeur on win #552


David Puddy: We're #1. We beat anybody. We're the Devils! The Devils, HAAAAAAAA!

Martin Brodeur: Thanks, I really appreciate your support. I couldn't have done this without the fans.

Puddy: That was a doozie.

Marty: Yeah, it really came down to the end there. I'm just glad I was able to break the record at home in front of the fans in Jersey.

Puddy: Oh, that ending was so obvious.

Marty: I guess your right. Now that I think about. I mean, it was almost like it I planned it this way. I came back from an injury, then I tied the record in my hometown with Patrick Roy in attendance, and then I broke the record at home. I was glad to see that Patrick showed up to see me tie his record.

Puddy: That chimp's alright. High-five.

Marty: How long have you been a Devils fan?

Puddy: Since I was a kid, I'm from Jersey.

Marty: That's great. It's always great to meet fans.

Puddy: Hey man, I'm just trying to support the team.

Marty: Well, if you can excuse me, I'm going to go celebrate.

Puddy: It feels like an Arby's night.

Marty: Actually, I thought I would celebrate with a nice dinner with my wife.

Puddy: Hey, how come people don't have dip for dinner? Why is it only a
snack, why can't it be a meal, you know? I don't understand stuff like that.

Marty: I don't know. It was nice meeting you. I think I'm going to go have dinner with my wife now.

Puddy: This is why you're going to hell.

Marty: Excuse me?

Puddy: You stole my Jesus fish, didn't you?

Marty: Hey, I know you. Aren't you that fan boy that I took out a restraining order against.

Puddy: I don't like that term. You got a question, you ask the 8 ball.

Marty: But you are that guy, right?

Puddy: All signs point to yes.

Marty: You are not allowed within 500 feet of me.

Puddy: Yeah, That's right.

Marty: Remember that time you showed up at my house in the middle of the night with your face painted? My kids still have nightmares about that.

Puddy: Well, alright, so you don't like the face painting, I just won't paint
it anymore.

Marty: It's not just the face painting. I'm getting tired of you calling my house and breathing heavy into the phone.

Puddy: Well, I don't need to do it. It's not like a habit or anything.

Marty: What is that on your chest?

Puddy: That's the letter 'D'

Marty: I thought you said no more painting?

Puddy: No, I said no more face painting, and as you can see this is not my

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