Most popular Bruin of all time??

So me and my dad got into an interesting conversation a while back, and i figured i would pose it to you guys...   who is the most popular bruin of all time??

When you look at all of the guys who have put on a bruins uni over the history of the team, it is tough to pick one over the rest, however, i will narrow it down to just a few, and leave the option for other...

Bobby Orr - My vote goes to number 4. 264 goals, 624 assists, 888 points in a Bruins uniform... as a defenseman. One of the 3 best players in the history of hockey (I would say behind Howe and Gretzky). Brought the Bruins to new heights in the 70's. Was the back bone of the team throughout its most popular point in team history.

Terry O'reilly - 204-402-606 career totals. A lot of people overlooked O'reillys scoring ability because he was so known for his physical game. However, he put up very good numbers as a Bruin. And he was Boston. If you asked any Bruins fan in the 70's who they would be on the ice, it was O'reilly.

Johnny Bucyk - 545-794-1339 totals as a bruin. The chief did work. He remained as a Bruin forever it seemed. Set the club marks in points, which wasnt topped for about 20 years until ray bourque did it. still remains with the organization now as director of road services.

Cam Neely - 395-299-694 career totals. Was the prototypical Bruin. Was big, strong, physical, and could score. Would put the puck in the net then punch you in the face. What shows a spoked B like that. Even though his career was cut drastically short, he remains as a Bruin throughout, now working the front office.

Ray Bourque - What can you say about the Captain. 410-1169-1579 career totals. Holds the Bruins record for points. One of the classiest guys in Bruins history. When Espo's number was retired, you dont get any classier. And to speak to his popularity, he caused the entire city of Boston to be Avalanche fans when they won the cup. When a player causes fans to cheer for another team, thats popularity.

PJ Stock - Might be a dark horse here. Only played 2 and change seasons in boston, putting up 1-12-13 totals. However, go to a Bruins game and look aroud for a Stock jersey, I'm willing to bet youll see a few. A lot of true Bruins fans hold PJ very close to their heart. And look at the views of the fight between him and stephen peat on youtube.

PJ Axelsson - 103-184-287 career totals. heres another potential dark horse. didnt put up the best stats, only averaged a little over 9 goals a season, however, he always seemed to play his heart out, and Boston is a place that can truly appreciate that. Same deal as stock, go to a B's game and try to not see an Axelsson jersey. Guaranteed you will

Milt Schmidt - 229-346-575 career totals. However, his life as a Bruin goes way past his time on the ice. he has been a part of the Bruins organization for 75 years now. He is the definition of Bruin for life.


Those are the guys that stand out the most to me...  If there is anyone I have missed, comment and make a case for them. I will make a poll for this topic, vote away. And follow me on

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