It's Festivus, so here's an Airing of Hockey Grievances

To be honest, I never cared for Seinfeld.  It was funny at times, but I was both too young for it, and found the characters mostly unappealing.  But the whole Festivus thing has become a much wider part of popular culture, and despite being a practicing Catholic who probably should be mildly offended at the mocking of a holiday, I find myself at work on a miserably snowy morning with not much to do. So, stealing from PPP and Airing some Grievances should make me feel better and burn some time.  Off we go!

  • To Jeremy Jacobs - Charging $32 a pop for back-of-the-house nosebleeds in the B's shoot once end.  That'd get you between the benches seats, all you can eat nachos, and a personal photo-op with Shane Doan (where he, by contract, must present a Doanface)  in Phoenix.
  • To Andrew Ference - You Granola Munching Hippie.  That (or the abbreviation, YGMH) is your nickname from now on. 
  • To the NHLPA - Donald Fehr?  Seriously?  Really?  Because NCAA hockey will mean more than your league if you lock out again. 
  • To Electronic Arts - For not updating their Garden model in NHL 11.  Paul Mara played on the team when the B's last had that old Trinitron hanging from the rafters. Hell, I'm suprised there's no ads for Lechmere and Nynex on the boards.  Oh, and thanks for the Whalers jerseys, but why can't I make a custom team named the Whalers?  And where's Hockey East?  And a properly rendered Worcester Centrum DCU Center?
  • To the P-Bruins - No Saturday night games, making it difficult for me to use up my flex tickets.  Also, for sucking.  And for not playing the CT Whale on a night I can make it.
  • To Versus - OH MY GOD your video quality sucks. The Ducks game looked worse than a NESN "Bruins Classics" airing.  And what's so depressing is that the video and presentation of your IndyCar broadcasts is brilliant!  Give us that.  And no more Joe Beninati.
  • To NBC - More Milbury, less McGuire.  Actually, more Milbury berating McGuire.  That will work.
  • To NHL Network - I want my HNIC doubleheader - show the second damn game!
  • To the Anaheim Ducks - Get someone, anyone, with some talent in fashion and graphic design.  I mean, dear God, my eyes!
  • To Winnipeg and Quebec - Listen, we all miss the Jets and Nordiques.  And I know I harp about bringing back the Whalers on a regular basis.  But that does not mean you get to torture fans in Phoenix and Atlanta.  If they move, they move, but don't be stunned when they move to one of about 6 or 7 American markets that have twice as many people.  And yes, that includes Hartford.
  • To Reebok - You do not have enough NHL stuff at your outlet store in Randolph.  Fix this!
  • And to Habs fans - For being Habs fans.

Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to air away!

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