Bruins Holiday Wish List


What do you get for a professional hockey player that seems to have everything for the holidays? Well, why don't you ask them?

"What do you want for Christmas this year?"

Patrice Bergeron: "It begins with a 'C' " 

Johnny Boychuk: "I just want the guys from Days of Y'Orr to stop leaving creepy messages on my voice mail...I'm serious."

Gregory Campbell: A New Last Name - "Colin Campbell? Never heard of him."

Jordan Caron: A One-Way Bus Train Ticket to Boston - "I'm tired of riding f@#king buses and drinking coffee milk!"

Zdeno Chara: A Sewing Kit - "This 'C' is barely hanging on here."

Andrew Ference: A New Bruins 3rd Jersey - "I got blood all over mine...or you could just plant a tree in my name."

Nathan Horton: A Playboy Playmate Wife - "Oh wait. I thought this is what you want for Christmas. I got life by the balls right now!"

Steven Kampfer: "I'm just happy to be here."

David KrejciScorpions Box Set - "Scorpions Super Awesome Fun Time"

Milan Lucic: A Day or Two Off - "Why else would a throw that sucker punch? What do you think I am stupid?"

Brad Marchand: A real number.- "#63? Seriously?"

Adam McQuaid: "I just want someone to fight with"

Daniel Paille: Comfy Seats on the 9th Floor and Canolis on the Dessert Cart - "Is that too much to ask for?"

Tuukka Rask: A Couple of Wins and Maybe Some Goal Support Every Once in A While - "No Comment"

Mark Recchi: "Some God damn respect from these young whippersnappers. Back in my day, you showed your elders respect...Hey, I'm not through talking. Get back here!"

Michael Ryder: A New Shootout Move - "Mine is beat. I've been using the same one for years"

Marc Savard: A New Scapegoat - "Hey, what happened to that Vlady kid?"

Tyler Seguin: "I just want the rookie hazing to stop."

Dennis Seidenberg: The Respect a Shot-Blocker Deserves - "Who wants to sex Seidenberg?"

Mark Stuart: "I think I would like to have shoehorns for hands"

Tim Thomas: A Gift Certificate to the Chiropractor - "I have been carrying your asses all year! My back is killing me!"

Shawn Thornton: Someone to Go to Dinner With - "Why won't anyone go to dinner with me?"

Blake Wheeler: "I just don't want to be traded to Edmonton. Please don't trade me to Edmonton..or Phoenix"

Claude Julien: "Could everyone just cool it with the F-word...and I don't mean Bruce Boudreau's favorite 4-letter word...Now, I don't want to make excuses, but...."

Peter Chiarelli: A Distraction from the Fact That I Traded Away a 20-Goal Scorer for Nothing in Return - "Hey look over there. It's Jeremy Jacobs. You guys hate him more than me. Right? Remember that Kessel trade? How 'bout shipping Wideman out of town?"

Jacobs Family: More Revenue Streams - "If we don't find more revenue streams, we will have to raise ticket prices by 60% next season. I mean what we really want is a really big trophy, but more revenue streams would be nice too."

Happy Holidays from Stanley Cup of Chowder!

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