Deadline deals

A couple of weeks ago I said i didn't believe Chirelli should give up a lot of prospects and picks at the deadline, and should just go after players like recchi as they did last year. That was before it came out that Horton was definitely on the block. I think the Bruins should make a serious run for him. Horton is young, has great skill, has a fairly cap friendly salary for what he brings to the table, and plays a tough style that really fits into the Boston scheme. I didn't feel giving up a big package for Kovie was smart, because it was pretty well determined he wouldn't return. In Horton's case we know he will be a factor in the Bruins lineup for at least two more seasons. Horton provides Savard with a big strong winger who can finish consistently, and is also very effective on the power play. I was thinking a package like Boston's 1st in 2010, Toronto's 2nd in 2010, Ryder, and Colborne. It looks like a hefty deal but due to Horton's age, skill, and friendly salary I think it is worth it and what it will take. It is actually close to what Kovie went for so Florida should be satisfied with it. If you look at the two deals Boston's first will be better then Jersey's, Cormier and Colborne are a wash at this point, Ryder when he is on his game means more to a team then Oduya. The difference is Atlanta got Bergfors where FLA gets a second. Ryder gives FLA a pretty good scoring threat to offset the loss of Horton a little until the younger guys develop. Colborne is a top flight center prospect and both picks will most likely be between 15-34. When Horton and Stuart return from injury the Bruins will look something like:

Lucic         Savard       Horton

Wheeler   Krejci         Satan

Recchi     Bergeron   Sturm

Paille       Begin          Thornton



Chara            Morris

Wideman     Stuart

Ference        Boychuk





With Boston's goaltending and a healthy defensive defense, and the addition of a very good finisher Boston is a lot better going forward. The reason why I left Hunwick out of the top 6 is because of Boychuk's shut down ability. Boston will probably have to face one of Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo/Ottawa if they make it into the playoffs. I think Boychuk helps keep those offenses in check better then Hunwick. Keeping teams to 3 or less goals really benefit's Boston especially with the addition of a top flight goal scorer and PP guy. These three lines are a better balance and can give teams different looks. The first line has Horton and Lucic who can use their size in the corners and create space for Savard. They can brutalize defenses as well as set up shop in front of the net. Lucic and Hortons size gives them the ability to create their own space for Savard to find them The second line is the flash line. All three of them can use they skills to dangle past defenders and create chances. All three of them have the stick handling skills to keep the puck in Boston's possession. I know Satan hasn't produced as much as we would've liked, but he does have the ability to keep possession even under aggressive attack from the defense. The third line can do it all, plus the line has very high hockey IQ. I personally believe Recchi, Bergeron, and Sturm have been the most consistent offensive performs all year. They can get the job done in all situations...5 on 5, Powerplay, Penalty Kill they do it all. This team with Horton can be a big surprise in the playoffs to the top teams. They aren't exactly a Cup contender, but anything can happen if they make it to the post season.

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