Grading Peter Chiarelli

I'm beginning to notice a trend with criticism directed towards the Bruins GM so I'm curious to see what are people's thoughts based on a scale of his work performance so far. Below I've listed various categories that we as fans can grade him (we obviously don't know how he deals with internal personnel so we can't judge him on that) and included a couple of examples. I will reserve my own thoughts for later but feel free to post your own grades and your explanation why you gave him that grade. 



This is also a measure of the team's scouting department and player development. The GM is responsible for the final decisions however and so inevitably he is the one that must answer for it. Critera for drafting must reflect relative drafting position, how many draftees eventually make the the roster, and relative to other teams.

Grade A examples: Nashville defencemen, Ken Holland, Dale Tallon

Grade F examples: Montreal Canadiens and their 1970s mentality of drafting speedy small sized players, preferably French Canadians to appease the local fanbase rather than address the needs of their team.



Scouting does play a part in this as pro and amateur scouts will provide counsel on player talent and how they might fit in the organization. However, unlike drafting more onus falls on the GM. Trades are usually valued on what the end result is but what one must also consider is how the players (or picks) were worth prior to the trade. Higher grades will tend to favour if a team swindled another. However, there is value in trades that benefit both teams where they and peers will then be more receptive in trading in the future.

Grade A examples: Glenn Sather swindler extraordinaire.

Grade F examples:  Darryl Sutter


Free Agency:

This covers both retention of talent and also the ability to acquire talent that benefits the team. Again, scouting plays a role but purely on a pro scouting basis.


Grade A examples: Pierre Lacroix.

Grade F examples: Glenn Sather, Dale Tallon


Cap management:

Finally, is management of the cap situation which covers many of the above but will suffer if GMs must bury players in the minors, do buyouts or trade away assets for nothing.

Grade A: Dan Poile, Ken Holland.

Grade F: Darryl Sutter (in 2008-2009 they were so close to the cap they played the last 10 or so games with 15-man rosters).


Communication to Media and fanbase:

Keeping the fanbase energized and enthusiastic about the team is tantamount in some markets. Further, in media hubs like MTL it is an absolute necessity unless you wish to come under serious threat.This also includes availability to the media.

Grade A: Brian Burke

Grade F: Harry Sinden



No real criteria as each person may value the different categories as more or less important. A team like Nashville with an internal cap will put priority on drafting and cap management over free agency and those scores will be weighed more than the others. Feel free to state how you weight each category's importance for the Bruins GM.

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