Hitting The Links: Licking Your Wounds Edition


It's not typical that a fight night at the Garden turns sour for the Bruins. Think back to last year's crazy games against Dallas, Montreal, and Atlanta - line brawls were followed by goals, more shenanigans, more goals, usually no goals for the other team.

Last night, not so much.

The Bruins have practice today before regrouping for their game on Thursday, and hopefully they can use some of that repressed anger to focus on lighting the lamp instead of cooling their heels in the box.

After the jump, more on what last night mean, plus Anze Kopitar is ridiculous, the draft age might go up, TESLA COILS!!!1, and why taunting is hilarious featuring Brandon Dubinsky and our very favorite Kevin Bieksa...

Bruins News:


  • So yeah, last night was lame. [Patriot Ledger]
  • Was 2009-2010 a fluke? When is Tuukka Rask going to get some gosh darn goal support around here??? /flings milkcrate [Globe]
  • So this one time Tuukka Rask tried to fight Cam Ward but Ward wimped out and said no. Dang. Also there were other fights and stuff.  [Herald]
  • Puck Daddy was highly amused at all the fights last night, particularly the fact that Caroline woke the sleeping giant and actually got Zdeno Chara to fight. Pretty certain the last time Z threw a punch was at Steve Downie's face two years ago. [Puck Daddy]
  • Is Dennis Seidenberg going to get Shanabanned for his hit on Jeff Skinner? [PHT]
  • David Krejci is on his way to a return, THANK GOODNESS come back soon please Krejci this team needs you. [Globe]
  • The Phil Kessel trade is looking interesting this year as Kessel seems to be lighting it up and having a career year. However, we're only six games in. [The Hockey news]


NHL News


  • Here is a hockey fan's guide to the World Series. Based on who this is by, you know you need to read it. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers blanked the Canucks 4-0 last night. I really have no specific hate for the Rangers, so....yessssss this is great. [NY Daily news]
  • There was some really great taunting involved, too. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jaromir Jagr is runing an after-hours hockey school for the Flyers. No, seriously. [Yahoo]
  • Anze Kopitar's skills are so unbelievably underrated in this league it is practically criminal. Watch him dismantle the Blues here. [PHT]
  • The draft age could be raised soon, perhaps? [Buzzing the Net]
  • I like Shanaban videos. Here is the video for Kris Letang. [NHL]
  • Dear Tampa Bay: I was promised Lightning. Real lightning, not the lame team. WHERE IS IT. [Fox Tampa]
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