Hitting the Links: We Want Three Edition

The Boston Bruins host the New York Islanders tonight and after a HUGE shutout win against the Toronto Maple Leafs, hopefully they can make it three-in-a-row with wins. The Islanders are only spot ahead of the Bruins in the standings but also have only 10 points as well. So tonight may be a more interesting night than one thought.

After the jump, teenagers are taking over the NHL, the Jacobs estate and some Don Cherry discussion.

Bruins Links:

  • I don't know if this already got linked but it is forever worth another post. The Bruins modeling. Always. [Improper Bostonian]
  • Patrice Bergeron "feels the same" as he is finding his stride in his game in this early season. [Boston Globe]
  • Starting tonight, the Bruins will be playing at home for 5-straight games. Good thing or bad thing? Whatever it may be, Brad Marchand and the squad are hoping it will be in their favor. [Taunton Daily Gazette]
  • After years without it, Black Friday Bruins games are now a "thing." This year this is even a commercial for it! [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots: they haven't been enough with the Bruins. [Nashua Telegraph]
  • Gerry Cheevers is going to be speaking at the first Rick Barry Haverhill Hero Award Breakfast. Got $35? Go! [Eagle Tribune]
  • Did you ever wonder how enormous the house....sorry estate.....that Jeremy Jacobs lives on/in is? Now you can read about it! [Buffalo News]
  • Just another reminder that (teach me how to) Dougie Hamiton is awesome. [Niagra IceDogs]

Other Hockey News:

  • Davis Payne out and Ken Hitchcock in. The St. Louis Blues made a coaching change. [St. Louis Today]
  • Remember that time the Blackhawks kept beating the Canucks in the playoffs? Don't worry if you can't because the Blackhawks don't remember either after getting five power play goals scored on them last night. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Look at all the mustaches on the San Jose Sharks! [San Jose Sharks Examiner]
  • On 13 of the 30 NHL teams, the leading scorer is under 25 and on some teens, he is only a teenager. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Don Cherry's turning down of an honorary degree is kind of a big deal and does it have bigger implications? [Toronto Star]
  • Mark Messier ran in the New York City marathon and you bet he finished that race in first. Okay, not first, but he did finish. [NHL]
  • If you don't already follow goaltender Jack Campbell then you probably should. He is awesome on Team USA and he just got traded to a new OHL team. He's a Dallas Stars prospect so like him while you can before he is stonewalling the Bruins. [Buzz the Net]

NonHockey Link:

  • Sarah never does these but they are forever relevant. Business cat would approve...[Ranker]
  • Christmas. Look at picture of Christmas stuff. [Boston.com]
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