Kelly trade reaction: B's won't trade for another forward, and who I think they *will* try to get

Just some quick thoughts & opinions on the Chris Kelly deal here, along with some speculation about what I think the Bruins may do next, if anyone's interested:

I like this deal, it makes sense and adds a solid, safe 2-way forward to the lineup who I think will help in getting us back to playing defensively-tough hockey without hampering the offense (Kelly can score, too). But on that same note, I definitely think it now screams "our biggest move, if any, will be on defense" - Chiarelli just filled the only real "hole" in his forward group.

Yes, we could use more scoring of course, but that's just not an available option if you ask me - there aren't enough teams "selling" forwards who are talented scorers (the price would be much too high for some players), and we probably won't be able to send enough salary back in return to make it work. I count a few different options, but see the biggest window for a deal to be done being on defense (if at all).

That said though, let me entertain that idea anyway:

--Since we no longer have a need to acquire a "depth" forward (so Chris Kelly-like players such as Marty Reasoner, Jarkko Ruutu, and Brendan Morrison are out),  here are the most likely forwards I could see the Bruins getting (but seriously doubt they do still, in favor of help on the blue line):

*Brad Boyes (talented forward on a Blues team that is sinking, former Bruin)
*Stephen Weiss (good Center on a stalling, selling Panthers team PC is familiar with)
*Dustin Penner (Big body, but an underachiever whose price will be too high to acquire I think, even from a cellar-dwelling Oilers team)
*Zach Parise (Great scoring winger on a bad Devils team who's an RFA at season's end, but price will be high, and despite how much I like this idea, I have doubts he'll be healthy enough at the end of the season to make an impact for the playoffs)

--On Defense (where I could see the B's making another deal instead), here are the guys I could see the Bruins pursuing & trading for, with some more detailed notes:

*Tomas Kaberle (Obvious one here, and it looks like the path is clear for this to happen, but something tells me Toronto's asking for their 1st round pick back - and that price is too high for a potential rental D-man so this deal could fall through)
*Zach Bogosian (Young, talented player on a sliding Thrashers team who's an RFA at the end of this year - this is a surprise, and there would be major road blocks such as needing ownership approval, but landing a high-ceiling, high-talent defenseman like Bogosian might be possible here since there is talk out there that things aren't jiving in Atlanta for him)
*Brent Seabrook
(The rumors are out there on Seabrook too, who is also a productive Defenseman and an RFA on a cap-troubled Blackhawks team at year's end)
*Chris Phillips (This one's fairly obvious too, and while I think Phillips is *very* obtainable, I don't think he is a viable option for the B's - though a 1st overall pick in 1996, Phillips is a Defensive Defenseman and always has been, and despite his durability & extensive experience, my opinion is that I don't think he is what the Bruins are looking for to make a run this year)

--Other Thoughts: Brad Richards, Rick Nash, Joni Pitkanen, Bryan McCabe, and though I really liked the idea, Zach Parise are all *not* coming to Boston if you ask me (Dallas won't mortgage a chance at the cup by trading Richards, Rick Nash has 7 more years on his deal & is a cornerstone in Columbus, I just don't see Joni Pitkanen getting dished out of Carolina, Bryan McCabe is hurt and past his prime, and strikes me funny as a guy who doesn't seem like a great fit & won't be shipping up to Boston, and Zach Parise won't be healthy enough for the playoffs this year to make trading for him by the deadline worthwhile for the B's)

I really hope the Bruins make a move and get that "one piece" that has always seemed to be missing & keeping us from a cup, but I guess time will tell.

These are just my own observations and ramblings - are there any other thoughts out there? Do I sound like an idiot? Am I just saying what everyone else is already thinking?

Feel free to comment, vote, and/or call me a fool below...

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