Hitting The Links: It Is Not October Yet Edition

Next up, World Juniors camp!

There are 69 days until the Bruins' 2011-2012 season starts. Luckily that doesn't count preseason, training camp, and all the other distracting shenanigans that the team puts on to keep us all from going absolutely nuts from lack of hockey. Although, to be fair, does everyone realize that it's been 44 days SINCE the Bruins won the Cup? Doesn't it seem like it just happened? It's been 105 days for those poor souls who didn't make the playoffs, too. 69 days must seem like a home stretch to them.

Maybe it's just me, but this offseason actually seems to be zipping by. Whatever, it's Friday, have some links.

Bruins News:

  • Sorry to start it off on a sad note, but Marc Savard is still having headaches. Not good. [Globe]
  • Dear City of Guelph: Meet Lord Stanley! Seems like the residents of the city where the OHL Storm make their home had a pretty good day yesterday. [Mercury]
  • Rich Peverley rides on the hood of a cop car with the Cup. He's THAT awesome. Oh, and he talks about his day with it, no big deal. (check out the gallery on this one, the site has video as well.) [Bruins]
  • Wayne Gretzky's brother is rumored to be joining the Bruins' scouting staff. [NEHJ]
  • Things you might have missed: the Bruins have two prospects at Canada's World Juniors Camp. Dougie Hamilton and Ryan Spooner are on opposing teams for the Red-White scrimmages this summer. [Bayshore]

NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy ranks the NHL's top defensemen. We're #1! (or rather, Zdeno Chara is #1.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Brian Rolston is now an Islander, as the Devils swapped him for Trent Hunter yesterday. [Daily News]
  • The Avalanche signed their two first rounders to entry-level contracts; expect to see at least Gabriel Landeskog in their opening night roster. [NHL]
  • A Maple Leafs fan mapped out every NHL and AHL team and their connections, which is sort of neat. [PPP]
  • Mike Commodore will not, sadly, wear 64. He's going with 22. [Puck Daddy]
  • Does QualComp matter? #fancystats [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • MLSE is whiny, seeks an injunction over the use of the name "Maple Leaf Gardens." One time Kathryn and I tried to go to Maple Leaf Gardens. Yeah, it's the ACC now. Oops. [Globe and Mail]
  • Mike Danton's weird journey leads to Sweden. And I do mean weird. [PHT]
  • The Edmonton Corn Maze (yeah, you heard me) is World Juniors themed! AWESOME. [Corn Maze]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • The Office theme song: Dubstepped. I have to admit I just recently learned what dubstep is and it is FASCINATING. Anyways, yeah, check this out. [soundcloud]


If you guys have hockey or non-hockey links to spice up these posts a little, send them to me at commaveninja (at) gmail.com.

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