FanPost Top Ten: NHLers on Twitter

I know we've discussed Bruins and other NHL players who tweet regularly, or at least are known to have Twitter accounts, but I figured I'd post this here so people can find the information/usernames a little more easily than it would be to look for the old conversation. 

Anyone have or know of a list of Bruins with Twitter accounts?

Found this on The Hockey News' website (linkage - : Top Ten NHLers on Twitter


It’s the dog days of summer and you can’t follow your favorite NHL players on the ice. But thanks to the rise of social media, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow them off it. In reverse order, here are the best active NHLers to follow on Twitter (and thanks to Buffalo resident Shannon Fisher – @ShanV11 – for the idea):

10. Mike Commodore (@Commie22)

After spending the majority of last season in the American League, Commodore is back in the NHL with Detroit. He’s as self-deprecating, honest and funny as anyone in the game.

Sample Tweet: “(I)t’s confirmed…(Chris) Bosh was crying in the I know losing in the finals sucks but keep it together till no cameras around.”

9. Ryan Jones (@jonesry28)

The Oilers left winger had a breakout season in 2010-11 with 18 goals, but he’s also becoming famous for his humorous, mostly friendly tweets.

Sample Tweet: “I love the response I got from fans for sayin I don’t like the Nucks. Am I supposed to like the teams I play against? #urnotspecialitsallteams”

8. Bobby Ryan (@B_Ryan9)

The Ducks star right winger is usually fun-loving and polite to people with whom he interacts. But he’s not above answering his critics or giving a former teammate the business.

Sample Tweet (to his fellow professional player buddy): “You look like a scarecrow and a condor mated.”

7. Dustin Brown (@DustinBrown23)

Brown isn’t just the captain of the L.A. Kings and one of the league’s hardest, cleanest hitters – he’s also a dedicated Twitter user and a hugely charitable guy who cares about more than just hockey (including his work with the “Make My Day Mondays” initiative.)

Sample Tweet:
“Going to buy some tickets for soldiers to Thursday's game. Join me in #mmdm”

6. George Parros (@Stache16)

The Ducks enforcer and Princeton graduate is anything but a lunkhead and proves it with Tweets that range from hilarious to philosophical.

Sample Tweet: “All of my contemporaries are at the ESPYs tonight while I am subbing in an adult kickball game...I gotta score more goals”

5. David Perron (@DP_57)

Perron was plagued with a concussion for most of last season, but remains one of the brightest young talented players in the league and doesn’t mind making his opinions known.

Sample Tweet:
“For those who say Kovalev didn't care, you are NOT born with skills and finesse like that, you work at it, and he sure did!!!”

4. Joffrey Lupul (@JLupul)

One of the more well-traveled names on this list, Lupul is more intelligent than the average NHLer and is as passionate about music and other sports as he is about hockey. 

Sample Tweet: “Foster The People or Eddie Vedder tonight?? Tough call.”

3. Ryan Whitney (@RyanWhitney6)

The Oilers D-man has something to say about sports and entertainment issues and doesn’t care who knows it.

Sample Tweet: “I can't believe the Patriots traded for possibly the laziest, biggest idiot in pro sports. Albert Haynesworth is a slob.”

2. Logan Couture (@Logancouture)

Arguably the most talented player on this list, Couture is mature beyond his years and clearly is having fun in the Twitter world.

Sample Tweet: “Trying to find footage of @jamalmayers first NHL goal. Did they have cameras back in 98-99? If so, is it black and white?”

1. Paul Bissonnette (@BizNasty2Point0)

The ‘Don’ Vito Corleone of hockey players on Twitter, BizNasty can get a bit raunchy, but he’s a good-natured dude and knows his role online and on the ice.

Sample Tweet:
“If you wear sunglasses in a club, you're a loser.”

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