Hitting The Links: Stay Classy, Vancouver! Edition

The Stanley Cup has made the rounds this summer, from Europe to Ottawa to Quebec City, and soon it'll head west to British Columbia. But will the denizens of Vancouver, none of whom have been implicated in the riots, get to see it?


After posters of local hero Milan Lucic were defaced and amid general rumblings of discontent, local Bruins fans will be sad to discover that Lucic is keeping his Cup celebration private. The funny thing is, for as much as we give them crap and trash-talk and feed into the rivalry, I honestly cannot imagine this happening in Montreal. It goes without saying that maybe a little more respect would be nice from our Cup-less friends from the West.

After the jump, a few more Cup scheduling things, some words from my BFF, Capitals' coach Bruce Boudreau, and an Angry Birds goalie mask. Yeah, you heard that right.

Bruins News:
  • Oops, I talked about Montreal in a positive light, need to rectify that. The Montreal police are done investigating Zdeno Chara! Wooo! So, um, now what? [Globe and Mail]
  • Here's the story about Lucic keeping the Cup under wraps, and it's too bad, really. [Courier]
  • The Bruins teamed up with Progeria Research Foundation and even made a few video ads for it. Great cause. [Progeriaresearch.org]
  • Tim Thomas will bring the Cup to the University of Vermont on September 3rd. Road trip, anyone? (No, I'm not kidding.) [USCHO]
  • Do you actually know where Bonavista, Newfoundland is? It's so remote that they're flying the Cup in for Michael Ryder's Cup day by helicopter. Seriously, look at this nonsense. And i thought St. John's was in the middle of East Nowhere. (It is, but still.) [CBC]

NHL News:

  • Stars goalie and American phenom Jack Campbell wanted to make the NHL as an 18-year-old. Now 20, his expectations are slightly tempered. [NHL]
  • Bruce Boudreau has higher expectations for not only Alex Ovechkin, but all his younger vets this year. It might be his last shot to prove himself as a coach, too. [Washington Post]
  • The Vancouver Fan Zone manager was hired two days before the SCF series. Um... [Sun]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk is training in the back woods of Russia this offseason and here are the pictures to prove it. [Hotice.ru]
  • LOLJK, NHL franchise sellers: the economy might be screwing you this offseason. After all, it's not exactly a seller's market right now. [Globe and Mail]
  • Here are all of PHT's "Best and Worst sweaters of all time" posts. [PHT]
  • Drew Doughty needs to get paaaid. [CBS]
  • BEHOLD! The Angry Birds goalie mask! [The Score]

Non Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Are you under 30? Here are 30 books you should read by the time you get there. Over 30? It's not too late to start. [Perfectly Prompted]
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