Hitting the Links: Missing Persons Report Edition

It appears Sarah, Kathryn, Dave, Ryan, Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Joe, and Kip have skipped town, or are being held hostage by angry Habs fans... so here are some links to talk about before poor Servo, SkateHitShoot, Ed and I get bored amusing each other:


Bruins Linkage: 

-The B's released seven players from camp today. Perennial disappointment Zach "wind blew me off the puck" Hamill and Trent Whitfield were placed on waivers with the intent to send them down to Providence. Read it here. For those of you keeping score at home, that means Benoit Pouliot and Chris Clark still remain with the big kids.

 -The Bruins beat the Habs 2-1 in their second preseason game in as many days. That's right, 2 preseason wins against the bleu, blanc et rouge. Summary can be found here.

-Fluto thinks Sega's got game, and I agree. We think he's looked good so far.

-Our boys in Black 'n Gold will be playing against Ottawa on Thursday, 9/29. Hopefully there'll be a feed and a thread available for your enjoyment!

-Journalism at its best: Days of Y'Orr got some inside information and got their hands on Zach Hamill's training camp blog.


Around the league:

-The Ducks' Jean-Francois Jacques will be suspended for the remainder of the preseaon and for five regular season games a la Rule 28. Click here to see Shanny's explanation. He looks so much less tough in a suit. Happens to the best of us.

-Yesterday, it was announced that the 2012 NHL Winter Classic will be played in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park. Rangers crackpot Glen Sather guaranteed a win which, of course, Flyers fans didn't like. But really, what do they like?

- The San Jose Sharks don't appear to believe in their fans' right to free speech. The guy in the photo is a trainwreck, but this is a America, and he should be able to wear whatever he'd like to the game.

-Semyon Varlamov's yeti and snowman mask is interesting to say the least...  Semyon obviously remembers that valuable lesson Yukon Cornelius taught us so many years ago- bumbles bounce!

-If your team looks anything like mine, you should check out fantasy tips provided by everyone's third favorite hockey blog, Down Goes Brown.


Non-hockey links:

 - The Mourning After: The Hangover and You.  As someone who may partake in the firewater/hops and barley a little too often, I found it interesting.

-Our correspondent in was in London a few weeks ago and caught some interesting stuff on film.



There's always room for Tuukka schwag. Who likes their backup goalie as much as we do?

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