Hitting The Links: September Is Ending Edition


Whew it's sort of hard to get back into the swing of things after being away for a week. What I can tell you is this: that white netting that Capitals fans have been cursing and moaning about for the last few days? Is not that bad.


In today's links post, we have more Shanabans (or are we calling them Shanahanigans? I can't remember), the Bruins made some more expected cuts, a Winnipeg writer compares Tim Thomas to a cat (yeah, blame Kathryn for that one), and some fantasy drafting tips from the guys at Down Goes Brown...

Bruins News
  • Although Zach Hamill and Trent Whitfield have to clear waivers first, it's expected that they'll do so today and re-join their teammates in Providence, along with five others cut by the Bruins today. [Projo]
  • Tyler Seguin just wants a little respect, y'all. [Taunton Gazette]
  • Tim Thomas wants to do what Bernie Parent did and win all the awards twice. Good goal to have. [USA Today]
  • Steven Kampfer had a rough start to camp, but seems to be shaking off the nerves and playing better recently. [Globe]
  • A poster at HFBoards saw goalie prospect Lars Volden play yesterday. It's looking pretty good so far. [HFBoards]
  • It's not looking like Ryan Spooner and the Kingston Frontenacs are going to have a very easy year this year. [Whig]
  • How to make your cat do tricks! Your cat, too, could be the next Tim Thomas-esque kitty goalie? Oh Winnipeg. [Free Press]

NHL News

  • SHANABANNED! Why Brendan Shanahan's new videos and transparency are going to change the game of hockey. [National Post]
  • Also he suspended J-F Jacques for five regular season games today. I can't get over these videos. [NHL]
  • Wayne Simmonds is a dumbass. Granted so is Sean Avery, but...really? Simmonds is now denying that he called Avery any sort of homophobic slur.  [ESPN]
  • Someday Drew Doughty will sign a contract. Today is not that day. [LA Times]
  • The young Oilers won't have an issue scoring this year. How about some defense, though? [Edmonton Journal]
  • Aaron Ekblad is a 15-year-old hockey sensation playing in the OHL. His life is going to be pretty difficult this year. [Sun]
  • Capitals fans are so angry about this white netting! I don't get it. I sort of enjoyed it. [Caps Outsider]
  • Scott Hartnell is good to go after a heart problem scare. Good. We can go back to hating him now. [Fox Sports]
  • Down Goes Brown has tips for dominating your fantasy draft. Sort of. [DGB]

Non-Hockey Link of the Day:

  • Here is a list of the top 10 misused english words. Are you guilty of this? [Listverse]
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