Fresh Links: Second Round Insanity Edition

More of this tomorrow please

The Bruins are going to be in unfamiliar territory if things go in their favor tomorrow night. With Chicago bowing out in game six to the Coyotes, none of the teams in the West have made it past the second round in the last ten years. Only one has ever won a single Stanley Cup Finals game. And yet somehow, the Kings are the favorite to come out of the West. To quote Brad Lee at St. Louis Game Time:

When looking at playoff teams, most astute observers of the National Hockey League use one tried and true measuring stick: Pedigree. Which team has the tradition? Which team has won more in the past? Which team was an Original Six member? Which team draws higher ratings? Which team is from Detroit? And after carefully answering all those questions, they make predictions. Let's go to the important scoreboard:


Kings 1

Blues 0

Predators 0

Coyotes/Jets 0

...Normally we'd trot out the number of actual Stanley Cups each team has won. But as you probably have guessed by the combined number of Final games won...that's zero for each of them.

So we're stuck using this scoreboard. None others can help us. Three of the four teams are tied on the HAD GRETZKY INVOLVED WITH THE TEAM scoreboard and they're all tied on the FANS OF ELIMINATED TEAMS ARE GOING TO CALL THIS THE PLAYOFFS OF BORING HOCKEY scoreboard. And that's all the scoreboards I can name right now.

I think by "boring hockey" they mean "hockey that Bruins fans are used to seeing, yay defense" so at least WE will find the West Conference games entertaining, right? If the Panthers and Senators win, the Bruins and Flyers will be the only teams remaining that have won Cups, and Philly not in the last 30 years. Awesome. Parity is a cool, cool thing.

Wow it's way easier to just quote an article rather than write a dumb blurb up here. After the jump, Chris Neil is a jerk (this is not news), Patrice Bergeron isn't at practice, Zdeno Chara has stitches in his nose, and more...

Bruins News:

  • Here is a nice photoset of the Bruins warming up before game 6. [Flickr]
  • Bergeron isn't practicing today. Not good. [NHL]
  • He'll apparently be good to go for game 7, though. [ESPN]
  • Sweet stitches, Captain Zdeno. [WEEI]
  • Everyone recognizes the constant of the Bruins playing in game 7's. And why not? [Hockeybuzz]
  • The Bruins won't really comment on Brad Marchand "diving." Interesting. [ESPN]
  • Know your enemy: here is a little on where Jay Beagle comes from. Interesting story. [Examiner]

NHL News:

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