Bruins vs. Jets: Postgame Quotes

Jared Wickerham

Comprehensive quote-age. Because we care.

Dougie Hamilton

On how he feels after 125 minutes:
Feels good.

On any differences between yesterday and today:
Yeah I felt pretty comfortable today. obviously it's easy playing with Zee, Seids too, but I thought I played a lot in my own end today, that;s good for me to see what that's like, and develop and get better from that.

On the increase in ice time:
Felt great. I'm used to it, playing sometimes over 30 mins in juniors, just when the coaches have the confidence to put me out there it feels good, and you have the confidence in yourself to go out there and just play.

On playing with Chara:
It's awesome. When Wheeler hit me, he came over and gave me a little crosscheck - then Wheeler came up [Chara's] side and Zee laid him out I think that was unreal. Instant smile on my face after that...I guess I’m used to that with my brother protecting me, but it’s nice to have guys here do it... It's obviously really easy playing with him, and pretty....pretty cool... I think before I got drafted, maybe after I got drafted too, just kind of looking for that opportunity, and I had, in training camp last year, been skating with him, so just to be able to come in here today was pretty cool just to see that and just wanted to play good for him.

On getting the chance to play as much as he did in today’s game…
Yeah I thought [they have] got a lot of big guys. I kind of wanted to play down low, so just playing behind the net and in the corners and stuff. I thought it was good to kind of do that and see what that was like.

On what it is like to see the opponent’s best players while skating with Zdeno Chara…
Yeah, it’s really cool. I think when you can see that and just want to play better, and every time you’re out on the ice you’ve got to realize who you’re playing against and just try and play your best and not let them score.

On the responsibility he feels with an injured player like Dennis Seidenberg…
Yeah just more opportunities I think for everyone, just go out there and play. I thought I was more comfortable out there today, and I tried to get in the play a little bit more, but it’s just fun again.

On stepping up to join the rush…
I just saw the opportunity, and I kind of stuttered a little bit, kind of thought about it, but I ended up going and got robbed, so I kind of wish I had that one back again, but it was just something you just read the plays on the ice. You can’t think too much.

On the advice the team has given him…
Yeah just play, and I think they’ve kind of said don’t worry about making mistakes. Play your game. That’s what I’ve got to try to do and just try to get comfortable and get used to and just try to not get scored on, and learn to make good plays.

On whether he learns more skating with Chara than he does watching him from the bench…
Yeah you’re obviously not watching him as much. You’re reading off him and things like that, but just trying to make good plays and support each other, and obviously that’s easy with him. But I’m just trying to play my game.

On the communication with Chara on the ice…
Yeah it was good, I think, for our first time together pretty much, so never, we didn’t practice together or anything, and that’s pretty tough to have chemistry right away, but I thought we did pretty well.

On whether he is watching the calendar until he finds out if he gets to stay with the Bruins…
Yeah obviously my goal is to be here all year, and I’ve got to play my best, and it doesn’t really matter how many games or whatever. I just want to play my best every game so that I can stay.

On whether he is satisfied with the past two games…
Yeah, I’m happy.

On whether he has been comfortable the past two games…
Yeah, a little bit. I think I’m just trying to get into the game more and try to relax, and I guess play my game. I’m just trying to do my best.


On being more active in today’s game than Saturday’s…
Yeah, shot-wise probably. The amount of time they spent in our end [was] probably pretty close to the same. We just played such good defense, you can’t get shots. Today was more of those clear opportunities to score.

On his defensemen…
Good job, I think. First game and this game, I think our [defense] did a great job. Getting that puck out and blocking those shots today. We missed Seids [Dennis Seidenberg] there, and you need a new guy to step up. [Aaron] Johnson did a great job.

On not seeing any shots in overtime despite Winnipeg’s power plays…
It’s really the situation you want out there. Our PK has been tremendous throughout the years I’ve been in the organization.

On this game being sloppier than Saturday’s…
Yeah, definitely. We just talked about that before the game, but it’s a funny thing. No matter how much you talk about certain things it just tend to go a different way. We turned the puck over too many times and we didn’t get the puck in a few times when we needed. They’re a good skating team, so we gave them too much space at times.

On this game being an emotional letdown after Saturday’s win…
I mean, that’s what it looked like. It’s a Monday afternoon game. Sometimes for these afternoon games, it’s tough to get up and tough to wake up for these games. I think for our team throughout the years, it’s been one of the toughest tasks to overcome. There was no difference today but luckily we got the win.

On Winnipeg’s goal…
It was a weird play. They shot through the screen, and I had my arm. It bounced around in front, in front of Zee [Zdeno Chara], and right to their guy’s stick. I thought I recovered but then I don’t know what the heck was standing because it beat me short-side. It was kind of a broken play, but those happen.

On stopping Winnipeg’s early breakaway…
Just tried to stay patient. You try to wait it out, and he just chipped it into my glove. There was a rebound, but luckily I covered it.

On Boston’s missed scoring opportunities…
It’s happened to me so many times throughout the years that I’m kind of used to it, and I try not to pay too much attention to that. You get a good share of the bounces too, right? Maybe we didn’t deserve them in regulation but then got it back in the shootout.

On playing in so many 1-1 games…
Oh, yeah. A couple of years ago it felt like all of the games were tied and then we ended up losing.

On shootouts…
I don’t think nobody enjoys them. I mean, it’s all right. Emotion-wise, you win, it’s great—greatest thing ever—and then you lose, you feel like you lost the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s a rollercoaster with the emotions, but it’s great for the fans. And I like to watch them on TV, too.

On preparing for shootouts…
It doesn’t really matter whether you watch [shootout film] or not. You just try to stay patient and wait the guy out. I [watched film] in my first year, maybe a little bit more, but now I haven’t done it.

On overthinking after watching shootout film…
Yeah, maybe certain guys only have one move, and then you try to cheat on that and blame the goalie coach if it goes in. I think it’s better if you just try to wing it.

On not having any preconceived ideas of Winnipeg’s shootout moves…
No. I faced Wheels [Blake Wheeler] many times in practice. He’s a shooter, and he went to the backhand. I got a piece of it but not enough.
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