Recap: Bruins beat Sabres 5-2, Loui Eriksson leaves game after filthy John Scott hit

Jen Fuller

Extra Skater Fancy Stats

What a fun game this would have been if not for the 6'8 elbowed traffic cone that is John Scott.

Beating Buffalo is always fun. Nearly reaching quota and beating Buffalo 5-2 with the backup goalie in net....sweet, sweet music. Milan Lucic stole a goal that should have been Iginla's early on, and added another in the second. That's two assists for Iginla on the night. Cody Hodgson ruined Lucic's chance for the natural hat trick and drew the score to within one at 8:21 of the second period; Dougie Hamilton widened the lead to 3-1 off an awesome pass from Marchand after that. Nikita Zadorov closed the gap again, on a goal that Chad Johnson would probably reeeeally like to forget.

Torey Krug took over the scoring after that point and the Bruins seemed to have things in the bag - and then John Scott stepped on the ice.

Look, Buffalo, it was cool that you kept trying to make comebacks tonight. The Sabres really made a game of it. But then they turned back into the garbage fire that is their true form, and John Scott laid a terrible, bush-league hit on a defenseless Loui Eriksson. Adam McQuaid took the best course of action by going right after Scott, and from there, the Bruins stayed on point and did an excellent job making the Sabres look like the stupid, worthless pieces of trash that they are. Kruuuuug.

The Good:

- The Bruins are now 5-1 against the Flortheast.

- Torey Krug is continuing to prove that he wasn't just a playoff flash in the pan. What beauties of goals by that guy tonight - especially the second one to make it 5-2.

- Milan Lucic with yet another three-point game. Pretty amazing. He took a puck to the face in the first, got injury-cheered by Sabres fans, and shoved it in their faces by scoring again in the second period. Excellent.

The Bad:

- Woof, Chad Johnson. Hope Rask is ready to play a LOT.

- Steve Ott, of course, always. Nice little punches to the face of David Krejci off the faceoff, forcing Krejci to take a retaliatory penalty. How DOES he always get away with that?

- John Scott. Just everything about John Scott. Get him out of the league.

The Interesting:

- This was the tenth three-point game of Milan Lucic's career.

Notable Moments:


Even more awesome from Krug!

eat it, Sabres

Gif of the night

because OH MY GOD

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