Krug's sweatshirt: a new gold third jersey?

Torey Krug was sporting a pretty sweet sweatshirt last night. Could it work as a new third jersey? - Jared Wickerham

American hero Torey Krug was sporting a pretty sharp sweatshirt in his post-game interview last night. Twitter was buzzing over the gold beauty. Where did it come from, and would it work well as a third jersey?

A few months back, I did a post imagining what a new gold third jersey might look like. The concepts I made were mostly based on blends of old designs and new ideas, with a couple of "original" concepts thrown in for good measure.

In the poll attached to that post, the most popular selection (26%) was a big fat "no" to any kind of gold third jersey. The closest competitor was this design, coming in with 20% of the vote.

The comments were very supportive:

"No, please"

"Don't do it."

However, one design I made had a decent showing, earning 15% of the vote.


This jersey was based off of the Bruins' 1940-1944 duds. The '40-'44 jersey marked the first time in franchise history that gold was worn as a primary color. It'd be used frequently in the decades that followed, from the 1950's to its retirement when #TeamPooh met mothballs.

I liked this design (and a few kind Chowdah souls did as well), but didn't think much of it until this American hero strode onto my TV screen:


I'm not saying that the Bruins/NHL are stalking me, but HI JEREMY! HI CHARLIE! HI GARY! (Kidding, of course.)

What is Krug wearing? It's a sweatshirt made by CCM, presumably based on that same 1940-1944 jersey.

Gold is one of those colors that looks better in person than on a computer screen, which is why I wasn't surprised when most people voted "no" for a gold third. The reaction to seeing an actual gold jersey-looking thing draped on a Bruin was much different:

Geez, where were these people to vote for me in July?

Is what Krug is wearing a prototype for a new third jersey that was leaked in the most casual way possible? No, probably not. It's probably just a CCM sweatshirt, placed on Krug to generate some holiday sales.

But what if it is a new third? I did some work in GIMP to generate a full concept of what I think it would look like with the sweatshirt elements removed and the jersey elements (name, number, etc.) added:


Clean and simple, but with a nod to the past too. It may be good to throw a horizontal stripe or two along the bottom, but overall, I think a third jersey like this would be a huge hit.

What do you think?

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