A Wealth of Riches and What to Do With Them

As we've seen for a little while now, there is some nice depth on the Bruins, and some exciting rookies. This has led to a logjam. Let's fix that.

When I watch the Bruins' power play this year, something strikes me. It's really the young guys that are bringing the lightning to the PP. Yeah, Zee and Looch get their tappers and Torey Krug is Torey Krug, but it's the little guys that are doing the heavy lifting lately.

Watching this, I think it's time to reconsider the lines.

Here are my line proposals:

First Line: L-K-I

No need to mess with this one, they're getting some good play and Lucic to Iginila has a nice ring to it.

Second Line: Marchand-Bergeron-Eriksson

I don't like this line. I don't think that Eriksson and Marchand work well together at all. However, I think Marchand is too mentally fragile for a drop, and I love Bergeron and Eriksson together. If I didn't have a specific third line in mind, I'd suggest Soderberg-Bergeron-Eriksson, but these factors disallow that.

Third Line: Smith-Spooner-Soderberg

I mean, come on. Yeah, we have a giant logjam of forwards and this would require some movements, which I'll get to below, but this line is just killer. There would be a lack of defense here, and they could be a fourth line, however I think that the fourth line I'm about to propose wouldn't stack up as a third line. If we're isolating offense, this is a first line squad- something we see on the PP.

Fourth Line: Fraser-Campbell-Paille

As of now, we've yet to see the Fraser that we know can be there (that goal last night hardly counts), but I think that he's better than many fourth liners out there. I like this line as a fourth line, I think they're a good high energy fourth line that has some offensive capabilities, and I like that Campbell's defense would be a bit of a boost.

The Rest

We're left without Caron, Kelly, and Thornton. As for Caron, I'm at the point where I'm putting him out there for absolutely nothing, just please get him off the roster, anything you can do to be rid of him. Kelly is harder to see go, as his draws are just incredible, but that means that a team that struggles on faceoffs might give you something decent. Thornton, on the other hand, doesn't really bring much to a team. He's nice to have out there to keep things in check, and I personally don't think that the recent overblown events will be good for his trade value, if there is ever any. However, with the room for a 13th forward, we can keep one. I'd suggest keeping Kelly or Thornton. Currently, Kelly is on IR, so we'll act as if we're keeping him and just activating him, but here's a list of transactions that need to happen, in preferable order:

Loui Eriksson returns from IR

Send Caron to Providence, hope somebody takes him on Waivers

Dougie Hamilton returns from IR

Give away Thornton; if you have to, release him

Chris Kelly returns from IR

This would mean:
























Now THAT, my friends, is a solid roster, and a great team.

What are your thoughts?

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