Top Three Changes Bruins Should Make

Ducks winger #9 Bobby Ryan

Okay so this whole Bruins situation, I won’t say it’s a debacle, because it isn't just yet. They haven't lost a ton of games but they've been playing flat, and definitely haven't been playing "great hockey" as head coach Claude Julien pointed out after last night's win against Ottawa. So, in my opinion a move or two needs to be made in order for them to make a true Cup run and here are my top three.

1.) "Rest" Tuukka Tuukka Rask is an excellent goaltender, no one can deny that. Again, he’s not playing BAD he’s just not playing his BEST. And in this instance, I think it’s time to give Dobby a few more starts than they expected. Besides, I want to see what they’re really working with when it comes to Khudobin. He’s been solid his last few starts, even standing on his head to give the Bruins a shot at a win, but I want to see where it goes from here. Can he keep that up? Here’s to hoping.

2.) Defensive Depth Okay, let’s not kid ourselves, the defense, the strong and practically perfect defense we've loved so dearly for so long, is slowly collapsing. Aside from Seids goal last night, he almost put the puck in his own net once, and had a beautiful assist for the opposing team in one of the Bruins most recent 3rd period collapses. And that's just one guy. None of them have looked their sharpest in their most recent games. So with the injury to Adam McQuaid, Dougie starting to show his age, and the other recent breakdowns, I think it’s time to make a move for some more depth on the blue line. One potential solution would be Keith Yandle, but I don't see that happening as The Coyotes are asking a great deal for the young All-Star defenseman.

And my final move..

3.) Bring Bobby Ryan to Boston Bobby is looking for out of Anaheim. And Anaheim is most likely looking to deal. They just signed Perry and Getzlaf to two huge contracts, leaving little room for Ryan. Last year there were rumors of a trade between the two teams, Krejci and Caron for Bobby Ryan, after Ryan expressed he wanted to come to Boston, but it was a no go.
The winger is 26, 6’2 and 216 pounds, compared to Krejci’s 26, 6’0 177 pounds. Size isn’t everything, but it sure helps when you play the style of hockey Ryan and the Bruins play. That's a major selling point with Ryan. He’s a big, physical presence as well as a gifted goal scorer. Where David Krejci has scored 81 career goals and has 195 career assists in 5 seasons with the Boston Bruins, Ryan has 136 career goals and 123 career assists, with only 4 seasons in the league.
But the price may have gone up. As Ryan has grown as a player, the Ducks may be asking for a little more. This might mean both Krejci and Caron go with a draft pick. And honestly,if it means acquiring talent like Ryan, why the hell not. I know Krejci has the hearts of Bruins fans everywhere, mine included, I just feel like it’s time to make a change to make a real run for the Cup.
And tell me that 9-19-18 isn’t a deadly offensive combination and I’ll call you a liar.

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