PC's Potential Next Moves?

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Well, It's no secret.

The Boston Bruins lost out on Calgary Flames now former captain Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins. So now what?

Now, it's time to pick back up and make some moves to better the team. After yet another blown third period, the Bruins need some help. And we can talk about their offense all day, but giving up two 2 goal leads allows anyone to infer that they need help on defense as well.

This makes next week a critical one for GM Peter Chiarelli, who was left high and dry by the Flames management at midnight last night.

So while the Bruins looking towards other prospective trades, I thought I'd share my opinion on a few. We'll start with the Defensemen because it's a much shorter list.

My number one guy is the same as quite a few, the big Edmonton defenseman Ryan Whitney. Whitney has one year left at $4 million and will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2013-2014 season. Whitney is 6'4, 210 pounds and physical in his own zone. And after last night's game, no one can argue the fact that the B's need help in that department. He's not super productive on the score sheet, but what I really see the Bruins needing is a strong veteran who can handle himself in his own zone and the neutral zone. I'm not sure how much they're going to ask for him, but I wouldn't be looking to take Ales Hemsky with him. I only want him. This is a guy I could see sticking around for a few years, if he fits with the team well. Oh, and he's a BU alum, which definitely makes me a happy camper.

Lower on my list is Mark Streit. The 35 year-old New York Islanders defenseman is at $4.1 million becoming a free-agent at the end of the 2013-2014 season. He's posted 220 assists in six seasons in the NHL and led his team in scoring with 56 points in the 2008-2009 season. I definitely think his leadership skills could be used on the ice.

I did look at Marc-Andre Bergeron as a rental player if Martin St. Louis was to come to Boston, but I'm not really a huge fan. I haven't seen too much of him this season to decide that. But my pipe dream, though I don't want to try another deal with Calgary, is Jay Bouwmeester. Of course the Bruins don't have that type of cap space, with Bouwmeester's contract at $6.68 million a year. But how do you not want the 6'4, 215 pound defenseman. He has great speed and he sees the ice incredibly well. I definitely think that if Boston had the money he'd be a great fit.

Alright, so now we have to move away from the blue liners. Of course there's other guys the Bruins could get that could be a potential fit, I just think for the value, these guys are the best deals. (Of course except for Bouwmeester). Here are my top choices for forwards.

As you all know, Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks is my "pipe dream" I guess you could say. I still stand by the fact that he's the best fit for the Bruins if the Ducks are willing to deal. You can read all his stats and great stuff in this article about Bobby Ryan for David Krejci.

So with my Bobby Ryan feelings aside, I look at two possibles that could potentially be available. The first is Toronto Maple Leafs left wing, Clarke MacArthur. The 29 year-old winger may be a decent pick up with a couple powerplay goals already on the season and he sees the ice well. I think he may be a good fit for the third line, but I don't know if I can see him being the 30 goal scorer that they really need. He has one year left on his contract at $3.25 million a year. The second is Nashville Predators RW Patric Hornqvist. Hornqvist just got taken off of IR three days ago and could potentially be looking for a new home. In his last three seasons with the Preds, he's tallied 30, 21, and 27 goals during full seasons. His contract is at $3.08 million a year with one year left on his contract. Currently, I see him as the best value and with Nashville in the middle of the Western Conference standings, maybe they're looking to deal.

The guy I can see being a replacement for the loss of Jarome Iginla is, in fact, Martin St. Louis. If we were going for age, we certainly got it between the two forwards that the Bruins were on the hunt for. I'll always side with the little guy though so I definitely wouldn't mind seeing this distinguished gentleman in the Bruins Black and Gold, especially with his impressive numbers and potential price. It's pretty clear that the Lightning are out of the running for a Cup and could be looking to deal him for some young talent. Why not offer the same deal to the Lightning, or maybe change it up because I do like the two guys that would have gone to Calgary. Either way, though he might be a cap hit, I'm thinking this is a cap hit they can and almost need to take.

The Bruins could always take a look at San Jose's alternate captain, Ryane Clowe. Though his numbers are far less impressive than St. Louis, I could see him being a decent fit here in Boston. He plays a very physical game but his 10 assists and zero goals on the season makes me a little weary to pick up his $3.6 million.

So Iggy was a big loss but it's one I'm sure PC had a back up plan for, especially with the other teams going after him. I think the Bruins need some defensive help as well as a little firepower. And though someone like Clowe plays a physical game and the Bruins game is a little flat right now, I definitely think they need a scoring touch from a master, such as Martin St. Louis. It all depends on if PC wants to pay a lot for an older, gifted goal scorer, or play it safe with the cap space.

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