Seguin the Enigma

Tyler, oh Tyler... Who the hell are you?!

Here are a couple thoughts I've had. I'd love to read others. Sorry - No Stats from this guy.. Servo? What d'ya got?

- Scouts told us he'd hit this point, but everyone has compared him to Stamkos and has expected that kind of exponential growth - Not many Stamkoses out there. There haven't been many before, won't be many after.

- I've said this a few times, and read others saying the same thing recently - Kid needs to get serious about - not so much physical training this summer - but building on his skill set. Just like they talk about a DE in football needing a variety of pass-rush moves, this is where Tyler is. He's got sick raw tools, but needs to learn how to use a change of pace, and begin passing the way he did when he first came up. He reminds me of VanReimsdyk and Kessel and the lessons they've had to learn - You need a lot more than one gear and a rush move to the outside, and without it, even the crossover becomes pretty ineffective.

- Thinking about his regression with passing makes me think that all this time on the wing may be affecting his game. I can remember him threading passes that only Krecji on this team could even see. We saw this in the first couple months of his rookie campaign, but we are seeing far less of that now, and I'm finally coming around to the idea that it might be best to get him in the middle before he regresses and gets frustrated. I wonder if it might be time to tweak the roster for '13-'14 so that he can center the third line and have some skill along side (Soderberg - Spooner with a speed guy to fetch pucks like Paille) Right now he's playing like he's supposed to be a closer like the early years of Kessel, but he's best when he's fascilitating more.

- On the PP... his is a role mirroring Stamkos, and while he has a great wrister, and an above average one-timer, I think he is standing in one spot receiving far too much. I'd rather see him used on the PP the way Crosby often is. Instead of standing and waiting for one timers at a bad angle, I'd rather see him curling high and receiving the puck with some forward momentum to let him utilize his vision and skating as a means of creating seams. Handling the puck along the wall in a stationary set is not his strong suit, and this is why he has had so many turnovers on the PP. He's much better in motion - he needs to be assertive rather than stationary and reactionary.

- He's lost right now. I think we need to realize he's an immature 21, and this stuff has happened to even long-time vets and stop expecting him to find his game this year. He needs an offseason and a number of practices that aren't available right now. However, that doesn't mean we can't expect him to bleed black and gold 'til the end, and not be afraid to bang up that spa pampered mug of his. No one likes a pretty hockey player, Ty!

- I think that PC has to be seriously considering whether Seguin is of that echelon we all have expected, or if he could be one of the many high picks who despite athletic prowess don't develop a higher understanding of the game until late, or maybe at all. Is he Blake Wheeler who appears to be developing late and is coming into his own, or is he more likely to be a one-dimensional Benoit Pouliot type of high pick. It's the Evander Kane conundrum Wiinnipeg has contemplated. Do you trade him now for the right package, or continue to stay the course and risk his value falling with another campaign like 2013?


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