Help Wanted at Cup of Chowder. Habs Fans Need Not Apply

Gail Oskin

It's the silly season in the NHL and we're obviously trying to emulate that here. We have some positions open. Want to join us?

When applying, please send all requested work to with your desired position in the subject heading. We encourage site participation; as such, if you apply and you haven't commented/participated, you may want to start doing so!

The following positions are open at SCoC:

Features Writer

Throughout the year, we run a number of article series; whether they're post-season report cards, pre-season division previews, features on specific work a player is doing in the community, or anything else. We're looking for a strong writer who can generate ideas for content, while also helping us to chip in on some of these pre-set article series. Do you have the ideas/writing ability to chip in on this task? Send us a piece about your hopes for next season.

Stats Writer

With the loss of Phunwin as a writer (*pours one out*), we're down to one lone stats guy - Servo. Servo is awesome, but we're hoping to dramatically increase the amount of statistical analysis we do on this site for next season. Do you love CorsiRel and Fenwick and WOWY and all that fun stuff? Send us a piece analyzing any of the Bruins' play from last season, regular season or playoffs, and send it to us.

Backup Support

Sometimes life happens and our links/morning skate/game preview/game recap people aren't available to write. That's where you come in. Your task will be to stay "on call" and help cover regularly-scheduled posts when our writers run into time crunches/computer problems/etc. This is probably the most low-commitment job opening up, but also one of the most important. To apply, write a recap of Bruins-Leafs Game 7 and send it on in.

Video Editor

We have access to the Bruins' locker room during practices and postgames. Are you able to get to Wilmington on non-game days? Are you proficient in video editing software? Can you cut together highlight videos when necessary, and clean up/edit postgame/practice interviews? Are you comfortable doing interviews and possibly being on camera? Please create a short 1-minute video showcasing your skills and send it in.

Prospects writer

Are you interested in the future of the Bruins? Do you have basic HTML skills (or are willing to learn how to create easy, basic HTML tables)? Want to create a prospect report once a week for us? You're in luck - we're looking for YOU! Basically the prospect report is a big table that tracks current season stats for all non-AHL prospects. We're looking to incorporate NHLe into the table (you can find a bit on that stat here) along with a few paragraphs each week highlighting the best and worst of prospects around the world. To apply, send in a a paragraph about each prospect the Bruins drafted in the 2012 draft.

Good luck!

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