Bruins Management, Vision, Integration and Product


I haven't noticed very much lately about about giving due credit where credit is due, to the Power brokers that created this Bruins team and what it's become.

Cam Neely: Cam took on this job with a clear mission and idea of something that started developing when he played for this team. Some of the things that described his idea of a hockey player were just words, but words that he played by on and off the ice. Dedicated, Presence, Fearless, Work-ethic, Living to Potential, Maintenance, Effort, Determination and Sacrifice. Words that could be used in Individual and Team assessment.

The First Team, Real Team and Important Team was the Management Team. Without this Team, there wouldn't be an on Ice Team worth cheering for. He primarily assembled this Team and he started oddly enough with Charlie Jacobs.

Charlie Jacobs: runs the Boston Bruins in every area that doesn't effect, the on-ice team. From the Logo, the Garden, runs the business numbers, the support personal in the off ice departments, the Public Relations and Human Resources. He's the link within Delaware North and his father, Jeremy, to the Team that performs on the Ice. In essence the Oil, Fuel and Grease that keeps the team performing under the Hood.

Don Sweeney: Part of the Hidden Ice Team. Hockey Logistics. Comptroller of Players, Assessor of Talent, The Small Detail voice for the rest of the team. The voice of reason and guilt, the glue of the managers. Without Don, the vehicles standard features is just a empty platform.

Peter Chiarelli: Here is concept of the On Ice Team. The balancer of players, roles and spots on the Team. He sifts the talent, evaluates the performance in a strategic manner. He makes and offers the contracts and runs the Service Team, (coaches), that demands and guides the performance aspect of the vehicle. Peter is the man in the middle between Players and Ownership. Everything goes up and down through him and has his fingerprints as the yearly team cycles through ups and downs. The Public Face of Management, he is held accountable and responsible for all accomplishments and failures on and off the ice. Peter is the vehicle Engineer.

Claude Julien: The Driver and Mechanic of the Vehicle. He runs the races and tinkers with the parts. He uses the high end options to get the best milage and/or performance and keeps the basic parts focused on moving the car forward with as many complimentary features to provide a good to fine ride. Claude is the person that determines the customer satisfaction through the season. Without Claude there is no power train in this vehicle.

The On Ice Team: The engine and power. All the players represent some mechanical part that enhances or holds back what happens on the road. Tuukka is the brakes that hold back the car from crashing, Chara and Sienderburg represent the wheels and suspension that keeps the car on the road. Lucic and Marchy is the horse power when the engine roars and Bergeron and Krejci the engine block that harnesses the power. Most of the rest are the cooling system that keeps the car responsive for the long haul or carburetors that keeps the fuel in steady flow.

This vehicle, The Boston Bruins, is a racy, gritty, tough ride. It's not for everybody. Cam Neely's Vision. Intergration and Product is my ride and come the middle of June 2014, I expect it in the winners circle!

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