Friday Promoted Fanpost: NHL 14 Demo review


Hello. It's Friday, so we take a look at recent fanposts and promote a good one. Fanposts are a way that you, the reader, can write articles for the site. Check out some other ones, or write your own. This week, Dangles-McDonnybrook took a look at the NHL14 demo. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Well I've pretty much played the demo in all my free time since I downloaded, and I'm liking it. It's does have some very annoying downsides, however, which I hope will be tweaked either before release or more likely in the first month after release.

So without further ado the POSITIVES:

The game in general just feels smoother then 13. I feel like EA consistently improves the flow of the game year after year. Skating is more exact, passes generally go where a want them to (especially passes from the goalie), hitting is more effective (more on that later) Shooting is more accurate (so annoying to be aiming top blocker side in 12 and hitting the goalie in the chest lol), all in all a lot smoother game.


NHL 94 is a lot of fun, and seeing Chara fly while using speed burst is pretty funny.

The new fight engine is pretty cool and actually accounts for a fighters fighting skill, even though that can be frustrating. Chara jumped my player one game and I drilled him like 6 times and he barely dropped any health, meanwhile he punched my guy 3 times and dropped me. I still would've liked to see if they could've made it first person fighting with the new mechanics but beggars can't be choosers.


One touch dekes suck, I Frankenstein pretty much every time I try a move. I mean maybe with practice it could be good, but as of right now one touch dekes get an F- in my book

You know how I said we'd revisit the hitting, well here it is (and this also has to do with fighting). I feel like every time I lay a huge hit, some knuckle-dragging neanderthal jumps my player and I'm forced into a fight. In the demo where it's one period it is even more frustrating. In the HUT portion of the demo I lost Lucic, Weber, and Keith all to fighting in like a 2 minute time frame. It sucks to have your good players be forced into fights in crucial moments in the game. I hope there is still the 3 fight limit. I'll just throw my fourth line out to begin games and get the three fights out of the way early, so I don't lose key guys late in games.

Hopping between regular games and NHL 94 games is confusing with the different button layouts haha

The Yeti still isn't in the B's lineup...WTF

Well that's all I've got for now...guess I'll just go Rip with Anthony Camara in the online HUT tournament...

...wait a second?

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