29 Teams We Hate: Philadelphia Flyers

Bleacher Report

You know those people who are so deranged they're a menace to society? That's kinda like what the Flyers are in the NHL, and it starts at the top.

I hate Comcast. I hate that in my neighborhood it's Comcast or nothing. But hey, what can you expect from an Ayn Rand disciple (they seem so caring)? Ed Snider's crazy beliefs don't stop there, either. Facing a season with a goalie tandem of Steve Mason and Ray Emery, he made his lofty (looney) expectations public. Good luck with that.

I won't go in to Bobby Clarke's playing career because I have no emotional attachment to it and it was a different time. Fortunately, he serves a front office role with the Flyers currently and I'm able to share this. If you say something we don't agree with, we will sucker punch you, it's the Flyers way.

Also, this:

GM Paul Holmgren has dispelled the notion that the Flyers treat players well by shipping out multiple franchise cornerstones over the past few years. The recent Ilya Bryzgalov debacle was his (and Snider's) fault.

No one will claim Bryz was living up to his contract, but was that ever really a possibility? Their rabid desire for The Goalie led them to give Bryz the moon and you can't fault him for taking that pay day, anyone would do the same. But his play didn't justify the money so he was bought out for more (at the time) than any other player. It might've helped if he was given some semblance of a defense in front of him, but what do I know?

The Bryz situation also saw a brutal attack on the guy's character. He was mocked and at times crucified for his willingness to speak his mind and his side interests. With all of the boring personalities in hockey, he was a breath of fresh air and people rolled their eyes because he was interested in philosophy and space? Get a grip.

Coach Peter Laviolette gets major points in my book for calling out Montreal on 24/7. However, his declaration that Claude Giroux is the best player in the world is another matter. As any sane person knows, Giroux is not even the best center playing in the state of Pennsylvania. Fortunately, Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi is right there with Laviolette banging that drum. Of course, Carchidi isn't the most learned individual:

Wayne Simmonds has been on the receiving end of racist remarks from fans (also this) before and that's unacceptable, no doubt about it. He's also been caught on camera directing a gay slur at Sean Avery, also unacceptable. It's really hard to sympathize with a victim who turns around bullies someone in similar fashion.

Then of course, there's the fans. I won't touch on their dubious behavioral track record because "people in glass houses" and whatnot - although I'm sure it'll make a cameo in the comments. But I will say they are delusional about Shea Weber. Side note - anyone who enjoying laughing at Flyers fans should really be following this.

Ultimately, though, this is all fluff. We all know there's one reason to hate the Flyers that is unparalleled.


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