Sky's Photoshops Two: Svedlectric Boogaloo

Hey! Me again! And guess what? TIME FOR STUPID PHOTOSHOPS! No intro, we're just going straight in.

We ask you now to think very hard, back about a week ago when the Bruins were on a National broadcast. And for whatever reason, Doc, Pierre and Eddie just could not shut up about Dougie Hamilton. And Dougie was out with a concussion! It didn't make sense! The only thing I could conclude was that NBC had gone...


Hilarious I know. Not every pun can be a winner.


Torey Krug is an American hero and I won't hear otherwise. In fact. I came up with a simple little idea for a shirt design to point it out.


Ah...Freedomtastic. Any shirt companies wanna hit me up for the rights to make this beauty?



Reilly Smith has sort of become a happy surprise of a 2nd liner, and here are two photoshops dedicated to our very own Reill E. Coyote.

Hopefully he isn't actually traded to the Coyotes for Keith Yandle.


This one was a request I never got around to doing. I don't remember the context of it, So just imagine the Scouttrooper here is Tim Thomas getting paid back for that hit to the head.


This one is the most complex and stupid joke I've ever made.

Okay, so think back to the early parts of the season. Dennis Seidenberg has the puck passed to him, but it goes into his skates. Rather than slow down and muck up the play, Seids kicks the puck straight to Gregory Campbell who is sprung ahead for the Breakaway shot/goal.

Cue Jack Edwards saying "IT'S A BUNDESLIGA SPECIAL!"

I love Dennis Seidenberg and I am going to miss him when he's traded for Ehrhoff.

Now, onto some less positive shops.


The Islanders 2nd line terrifies me. They're Bruins killers and they meant it last game. This is also there to remind some jackass at Lighthouse Hockey to CREDIT THE ARTIST, DILLWAD.

...Okay, I am not an ARTIST, per se, but I think watermarks are gross.


Lemme let you in on a little secret

I don't like Matt Bartkowski.

While I'm sure he's a great guy and all, there's nothing particularly...good, about his game. This was especially clear over the last weeks of 2013, where he made goddamn sure to put the Bruins in TERRIBLE situations almost every game. It doesn't help that his skillset has come to be defined as scarily limited in comparison to other defensemen.

Of course, he's not my whipping boy this year, but I have yet to come up with a suitable photoshop for that guy...

I once again have no real end for this, so here's a picture of the perpetrator of this nonsense getting to see the perpetrator of entirely different nonsense.


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