Sochi 2014 Team Preview: Sweden

Martin Rose

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Capital City: Stockholm

National Population: approx. 9.6 million

Formation: Middle Ages



Current IIHF ranking: 1st

Best Olympic Finish: Gold (1994, 2006)

2010 Olympic Finish: 5th place (lost to Slovakia in quarterfinals)

2014 Olympic Team

No Name Shoots


DoB Club
1 ENROTH Jhonas L 180/5'11'' 75/165 25 Jun 1988 Buffalo Sabres
30 LUNDQVIST Henrik L 185/6'1'' 87/192 2 Mar 1982 New York Rangers
50 GUSTAVSSON Jonas L 191/6'3'' 87/192 24 Oct 1984 Detroit Red Wings
3 EKMAN-LARSSON Oliver L 188/6'2'' 86/190 17 Jul 1991 Phoenix Coyotes
4 HJALMARSSON Niklas L 191/6'3'' 94/207 6 Jun 1987 Chicago Blackhawks
7 TALLINDER Henrik L 193/6'4'' 98/216 10 Jan 1979 Buffalo Sabres
23 EDLER Alexander L 191/6'3'' 98/216 21 Apr 1986 Vancouver Canucks
27 ODUYA Johnny L 183/6'0'' 86/190 1 Oct 1981 Chicago Blackhawks
52 ERICSSON Jonathan L 195/6'5'' 102/225 2 Mar 1984 Detroit Red Wings
55 KRONWALL Niklas L 183/6'0'' 86/190 12 Jan 1981 Detroit Red Wings
65 KARLSSON Erik R 181/5'11'' 79/174 31 May 1990 Ottawa Senators
11 ALFREDSSON Daniel R 182/6'0'' 92/203 11 Dec 1972 Detroit Red Wings
14 BERGLUND Patrik L 192/6'4'' 99/218 2 Jun 1988 St. Louis Blues
16 KRUGER Marcus L 182/6'0'' 82/181 27 May 1990 Chicago Blackhawks
18 SILFVERBERG Jakob R 186/6'1'' 91/201 13 Oct 1990 Anaheim Ducks
19 BACKSTROM Nicklas L 185/6'1'' 95/209 23 Nov 1987 Washington Capitals
20 STEEN Alexander L 182/6'0'' 95/209 1 Mar 1984 St. Louis Blues
21 ERIKSSON Loui L 188/6'2'' 89/196 17 Jul 1985 Boston Bruins
22 SEDIN Daniel L 185/6'1'' 85/187 26 Sep 1980 Vancouver Canucks
40 ZETTERBERG Henrik L 183/6'0'' 86/190 9 Oct 1980 Detroit Red Wings
41 NYQUIST Gustav L 180/5'11'' 84/185 1 Sep 1989 Detroit Red Wings
42 ERICSSON Jimmie L 187/6'2'' 94/207 22 Feb 1980 Skelleftea AIK
62 HAGELIN Carl L 182/6'0'' 85/187 23 Aug 1988 New York Rangers
90 JOHANSSON Marcus L 183/6'0'' 91/201 6 Oct 1990 Washington Capitals
92 LANDESKOG Gabriel L 185/6'1'' 99/218 23 Nov 1992 Colorado Avalanche

Captain: Henrik Zetterberg

Alternate Captains: Daniel Alfredsson, probably Daniel Sedin(?)

Injured Players: Per-Johan Axelsson (retirement), Henrik Sedin (back), Carl Soderberg (spite)


Sweden captured gold in the 2013 World Championships on home ice, despite the absence of Carl Soderberg. They look to repeat their success there and in the 2006 Winter Olympics, though a couple key injuries and the retirement of P.J. Axelsson may sink them. They've certainly still got elite goaltending in Lundqvist, and plenty of talent throughout the rest of the roster. Henrik Sedin is hurt and that will hurt their chances in a big way - not only will he be unavailable, but Daniel won't be able to telepathically communicate with a linemate during the tournament. Should be interesting to see how they do in the face of such adversity.


Date Game Time (ET) Live TV
Wed, Feb. 12 Czech Republic vs. Sweden 12 p.m. USA
Fri, Feb. 14 Sweden vs. Switzerland 7:30 a.m. NBCSN
Sat, Feb. 15 Sweden vs. Latvia 12 p.m. USA
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