Shannon Szabados Makes Professional Debut, Backup Does "The Wobble"

Note: I apologize for the delay, I had no idea 'fanposts' existed. Oops.

Note: In-game photos at the end.

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Shannon Szabados signed a contract with the Columbus Cottonmouths, a SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) team in Columbus, Georgia. If you don't know the name, she was the goaltender that led the Canadian Women's Olympic Hockey Team to Gold in both 2010 and 2014.

On March 15th, 2014, it was announced Shannon would make debut with the Snakes against the Knoxville Ice Bears. (Three guesses as to where they are from. Hint: It's not Florida. Sorry Luongo.)

Coincidentally, I also live in Columbus and got the opportunity to go see her professional debut live.

Disappointingly, the Snakes lost 4-3. Columbus had a 2-0 lead by the time the 1st was running down, but in the final minutes, Knoxville scored, with the teams heading to the dressing room with only a one-point difference.

Between the 1st and 2nd, I managed to get my hands on this pimp-as-fuck Szabados shirt (Available here for a whopping $18).

NOTE: For our Canadian neighbors who are having problems registering online at the SNAKE SHOP: Enter Georgia as your state and email us the correct address at and we will update the form! Go Snakes!!


The Snakes took the lead about hal

Only a couple of minutes into the 2nd, the game was still a one-goal game, but the other way around. Knoxville scored two goals in quick succession to lead the Snakes. Going into the rooms down a goal after the 2nd, backup Andrew Loewen decided it was his turn to try and pump up the crowd, and this happened.

Knoxville scored once more in the third, making it 4-2. Columbus managed to score at the end of a PowerPlay, but it wasn't enough. Final score: 4-3 Knoxville.

After the game, the team was auctioning off all of the player's jerseys, both home and away. This, also, was a meet-and-greet for the fans. After each players jersey sold, they came out and signed autographs and such. I only remember how much Shannon's jersey sold for, which was about $2k. Her other jersey is available on eBay (At the time of posting, it was at $3000.01).

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally was able to meet her. She was really awesome in person, super friendly and energetic, even after a close loss.

Got her autograph, as well. It's the one in silver ink.

Photos below. (Note: My camera's battery was dying so I only took ones of her playing. Sorry.)

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