Dennis Seidenberg's Time Traveling Adventure (Fan Fiction)

I don't write all too often, and this type of story structure might be kind of confusing to follow at first. None the less, here's my attempt at creating content at SCoC.

Also please don't take this story seriously, because I'm sure not.





be Dennis Seidenberg

your team has just been eliminated from the Playoffs

by the Habs

god you hate them

you haven't been able to play in an actual game in what seems like forever

you're up on the ninth floor of the TD Garden

all you can do is muster a frown as the final buzzer sounds about the Garden

you get up from your seat and make way to the elevator

oh fuck almost forgot your coffee

you swiftly grab that as you retry your march to the elevator

you dreadfully approach the elevator hearing the Montreal faithful celebrate in your building

you shake your head and think to yourself that it shouldn't have ended like this

this was all too much for you

you press the button to go down and you resume thinking this thought

"Man, if there was a way to prevent this all from happening.."

all of a sudden an idea hits you


yeah, Rene! Rancourt has a time machine, you remember talking to him about it

he said something about using it to time travel with the Bear

you thought he was kidding, but the fierce look of seriousness in Rene's eyes proved otherwise

you also thought he was just really fucking wacko

well, might as well check in with Rancourt and see if he really is full of crap

you turn around and walk back towards your seat you were once occupying

as you approached your seat and looked out to the Garden, well, it wasn't so pretty right now

you couldn't tell whether the spilled beer and popcorn made it look ugly, or perhaps it was the rally towels scattering the ice

at this point the rink was empty and abandoned

this was the Garden's final hurrah of the season

no time to dwell, it's time to pay Rancourt a visit

you take a final swig of you coffee before it joins it's brethren down on the ice

it was a hassle to visit Rancourt, as you had to lean out of the press box and whistle the tune to "Potvin Sucks"

you prepare yourself as you begin the tune by stretching yourself far beyond the press box, making sure that anyone still remaining in the Garden was sure to hear you

as you eeked out the the first and the eventual final note, you hear some machinery noises just above you in the rafters

you look above and spot Andrew Raycroft coming down to meet you in a make-shift elevator

quite honestly you were surprised the elevator hadn't yet fallen due to the sheer mediocrity of it's construction

kind of reminds you of a certain goaltender's career, too

"Hey Seides. You rang, buddy?"

"Yeah, I want to see Rene. Is he here?"

"Of course he is, just hop on and I'll take you there."

Being you, you don't think twice and hop onto the sheet of metal that Raycraft used as an elevator

as you plopped on, the metal fell a couple feet

it fell enough to make you jump, and also to make Andrew laugh

as Raycroft pushed a button on an old walkie-talkie, the elevator started to make it's ascent to the rafters

you were eye-level with the Stanley Cup banners and Ray Bourque's number

such pride in being a Bruin

eventually you met your destination above the support beams and there you spot a carpet leading to safety

you didn't really enjoy dangling from sheet metal at the top of a sports arena, so you were over anxious to say the least

you left Raycroft with a firm handshake and made your way to the familiar gold carpet you've seen before

walking down a dark hallway, a couple of sharp turns later you're met face-to-face with a wooden door that reads

NHL Personnel Only

yeah, pretty sure you're one of those

you open the door with no hesitation and your eyes are greeted with Rancourt and Bear both sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed, staring aimlessly at an old tv

they both share dead, lifeless eyes

you look over to the tv, and the only thing there is the final score of the game you've been honored to witness

you glance back over to Rene and the Bear, who still stare at the TV

you snap your fingers at the two of them to get their collective attention


once again, albeit a little less respectful than previously, you start clapping and trying to get Rene's attention

slowly, and as deadpan as you've ever seen, Rene slowly turns his head and locks eyes with you

the bear hasn't yet moved


Rene eyes the score one final time before getting up to meet you as you remain standing in the doorway

he scuffles over to you, obviously he's not taking the loss well

deciding to make this affair less awkward you start walking to Rene to lesser his walking distance

the bear still has yet to move

Rene gives you a look of solemn, his head lowers to the floor before he can catch himself and meet your eyes once more

the eyes of Rene are lifeless and still, beyond these eyes lies no thoughts, no memories

but for now, only despair can be seen

fuck a handshake, you know only a hug will suffice right now

Rene has no reaction as you proceed to hug him

this is his time of need, he just needs a buddy

finishing your bear-hug, you speak the first words

"I'm sorry, Rene."

he looks astonished at you, as if he had never heard anyone else speak the English language before

for a moment you can see the old Rene returning, his eyes gleam

but not before the memories of Game 7 sink back in

Rene is now staring at the floor, and he slowly crouches down and places his left hand on the floor

" fist pumps...." is all he musters

"Rene, is everything.. okay?"

you knew it wasn't okay

"... I don't know Seides. I don't.. know.."

he takes his hand off the floor and examines it now

the bear still hasn't moved

"Hey, Rene, I know this isn't the best of times, but would you be willing to let me use your, uh, the time machine?"

Rene immediately disregards his hand and looks up at you

you almost sense the ol' Rancourt coming back

you're kinda creeped the fuck out about the whole scene that's gone down before you

Rene slowly stands back up and meets you at eye level

"... the time machine? Dennis, I thought you said I was 'full of shit'... when I brought it up.."

"Sure, but I'm willing to take it back. If it exists."

"... of course it does. F-follow me.."

Rene turns his back to you and starts to walk past the bear and into a bleak, dark hallway

fuck it, you're already locked up for a huge contract, might as well follow this sketchy dude into his sketchy hallway

What happens next?

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