The Girl Who Loved Carl Soderberg part II

Disclaimer: This is 100% fiction. To the non Chowder readers, Carl Soderberg is the Yeti, the Unicorn, and we love him. All players in the NHL are real, all other names are fake. I will be posting this in sections to keep fan post lengths down, and this will start every new post. I hope you enjoy, and Carl, if you Google your own name, I hope you let me publish this and sign one.

part one here

Part Two:

Back in Sweden, Carl & Erica were sitting at a coffee table, spending some time together following their win. "He came Carl, the scout for the Bruins," Erica said over her cup of coffee. "I didn’t know he was in our country, who was he scouting?" He replied. "I don’t know, but I got him to see you." "How did you manage that?" the two conversed, sipping coffee on a sunny morning. "I have my ways, my favorite player deserves the best," She smiled, a hint of loving care in her eyes. "Well, what did he say?" Carl again questioned, finishing his sentence with another sip from his mug. "I don’t know, he was here to see other players, but I got him to see you, and I left, you’ll just have to wait and see if you here more." Carl nodded in agreement, as the waiter arrived to take a breakfast order.

That afternoon, Erica got on the phone again, calling other scouts and calling other organizations, looking for information on if her client would be taken at this year’s NHL draft. Looking online, she found a name she’d been looking for all day long, Gregg Roberts, head scout Boston Bruins. "I hope his report’s gotten in," Erica thought to herself, dialing his number on her smart phone.

The phone rang three times, before a man picked up. "Good afternoon, Gregg Roberts speaking," the man spoke, reciting his words for a countless time. "Afternoon Mr. Roberts, I am," Erica began to speak. "Call me Gregg," Gregg interrupted, he liked to be more informal, it relaxed agents and players alike. "Good afternoon Gregg," Erica began again. "I am Erica Jonston, agent of Carl Soderberg." "Ah yes, Carl’s agent. I heard about the ruse you put on to get my scout out to see him play, clever," Gregg laughed. "What can I do you for?" "I’d like to know if Mr. Palmer has gotten his report in on Carl," She answered him, giving a slight cough at the end of her sentence. "Yes, he was impressed with his play, there are a few teams looking at his services, could be someone’s number two center, good NHL talent." "What about your team’s services?" She again, was coughing slightly as she spoke. "Sorry, must be allergies." "Oh that’s quite alright," Gregg continued. "It’s possible, we have other needs at the moment, but if he slips, a two or three center in the mid rounds I may push Peter into it." "Excellent, I will inform my client of the good news." Erica replied, a readiness to end the conversation in her voice, Gregg could sense she was about to have a coughing fit to clear her potential allergies. "Anything else I can do for you Erica?" "Nope, I think I’m all set," she replied. They both gave their farewells and hung up.

Not two minutes later, Erica was back on the phone, dialing Carl. She informed him of the conversation her and the scout had, getting a good feeling on his shot at the NHL. "How many teams have you done this for?" he asked, not really knowing how in depth his agent was working on this ruse. "Just the Bruins, but the head of scouting says other teams are kicking your name around," she answered him truthfully. "Awesome, think I’ve got a shot?" Again, asking, sounding a bit more nervous in his question. "I do Carl, your skills as a center make you valuable to NHL clubs, but I need to go, I’m not feeling so well, must be the weather," she again answered his question, speaking quickly. "You go get some rest, and Erica, thank you for being such a good agent to me." Carl spoke with a smile. As she hung up the phone, she could almost see his face in the reflection of the screen, a beaming smile at the good news she delivered for him.

I spent the next few days doing scouting reports, following more European players, trying to find a suitable replacement for the injured Backlund. There were several players in the Swedish & Swiss leagues worth taking looks at, not too many of them of the caliber of Backlund however. "This is going to be an interesting draft," I thought to myself. Lots of teams have aging defense groups and are looking to get younger. "I wouldn’t want to be a goaltender in this league in the next coming years," I thought, giving a quiet chuckle. "This year’s draft class does have some quality defenders in it, however with this year’s post season run, it looks like we’re going to get a late pick, might get interesting after that." The phone rang as I was cleaning up my desk, getting ready to head out for the night. "Brian, it’s Gregg, just checking in," my boss asked, giving me more of a statement than a question. "Nothing out of the ordinary," I stated back. "Everyone’s progressing at projections. Have you and PC looked at who we might want in the 1st round?" "Not yet," Gregg responded after a short pause. "Nothing official, just my personal opinion, but I feel like we’re going to trade this pick before the draft," Gregg continued. "The post season is right around the corner, and with Backlund now not looking like a 1st rounder, maybe we use our pick and go get a younger defenseman." "Maybe," I replied. "Who knows, we’re looking at a late first rounder anyway." "This is true, well, I’m out. Keep working hard Brian." Gregg stated, ending the conversation. "A trade would be great, make my job a tick easier," I chuckled to myself, wondering who would even be open to that idea.

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