3 Questions with...

Game Day Questions with Litter Box Cats


Kevin from Litter Box Cats was nice enough to answer some questions for us. Here they are!

3 Questions With... Mike Shoro

Today I asked Second City Hockey's Mike Shoro about how the series is going. 1. Chara was a -3 last game. That's pretty rare. So is the Bruins playing in a 6-5 game. Do you think our guys played...

3 Questions with...MightyMikeD of Cheer the Anthem

Today I talked to Cheer the Anthem's MightyMikeD about how the series was going, what's up with Hossa, and Frolik's Conn Smythe chances. 1. Hossa was out last game, a last-minute scratch. Did...

3 Questions With... Greg Boysen of SCH

Today I talked to Greg Boysen of Second City Hockey, our SBN brethren. Go check them out. Don't be mean or Servo will yell at you. 1. You wrote the now-almost-infamous "Boston Must Pay" piece...

Boston Strong: When Sports and Real Life Combine


Something terrible happened in our city. Our home. When the line blurs between our real lives and our sports lives

3 Questions with... Andrew Cieslak


"How in the hell do the Hawks score when Bergeron and Chara are on the ice?"

3 Questions with... The Pensblog


For game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, I talked to the fine staff over at the Pensblog. If you're unaware, the Pensblog is the godfather of Penguins Blogs. They've been doing it forever, and...

Three Questions With: Zoe Claire from Puck Huffers


Zoe from Puck Huffers was nice enough to answer some questions for us before tonight's game three. If you're looking for a Penguins blog that's actually funny, look no further than her stuff. They...

3 Questions with... James Conley

"if Boston carries another big lead into the third, I wouldn't bet against another meltdown."

3 Questions With... Mike Murphy "Dig Deep" of BSB

"Given how thick Shawn Thornton's neck is I think it would take at least three Brian Boyles..."


3 Questions With... Blueshirt Banter's Kevin Power

"...the Power Play will still be a worse viewing experience than M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening..."

3 Questions With... Seth Gibson

"Torts-style answer: No."

3 Questions with... ElSeldo of OHL Education

They now have 3 games of the oh so precious playoff experience under their belts so that's gotta count for something right?

3 Questions With... PPP's SkinnyFish


We talk about fights, lineups, and ticket prices

3 Questions With...Cam Charron of The Leafs Nation


"James Reimer can put on hats and stop pucks"

3 Questions With... John Fantana of Raw Charge


Hello. Today we're talking to John Fantana of Raw Charge. Enjoy. 1. You guys beat the Toronto Maple Leafs last night with the help of Maine goalie Ben Bishop and Vermont forward Martin St. Louis....

3 Questions with...Travis Hughes


Hello. Today we talked to SBN Hockey Editor and Broad Street Hockey's own Travis Hughes about the hilarious state of the Flyers. Okay, maybe it's just hilarious to me. But still, let's get to it: 1...

3 Questions with... Pensburgh


Tonight's game might not happen, but in case it does....here's Hooks Orpik about the Penguins: 1. So, how has Iginla been? It's not like we're jealous or we thought we had him or anything, just...

3 Questions With... Zachary Zielonka


They're doing a fundraiser at Die By The Blade tonight!

3 Questions with... Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey


Today we talked to Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey, one of the funnier sites on the SBNation network. Of course, those all seem to be sites that talk about bad teams. I dunno. Anyhow, here's what he...

3 Questions with... Kevin Sellathamby of ILWT


Good afternoon, everyone. Here's 3 Questions About the Devils ahead of tonight's game. Today we talked to Kevin Sellathamby of In Lou We Trust. 1. How'd you feel about Jagr's first goal as a...

3 Questions With... Canes Country


We talk Cam Ward, Alex Semin, and Staals

3 Questions with... John Fischer


"I wish [Jagr] wouldn't be debuting tonight."

3 Questions with...Jagr! No wait, Ryan Classic!


I thought we'd mix it up a bit with jagr talking to a different person at Silver Seven Sens. I asked Ryan about Jagr the Sens. Enjoy: 1. Only one more game after tonight against your scheduled...

3 Questions With...Andrew Berkshire of HEotP


He's everyone (except everyone)'s favorite writer and commenter at HEotP so I figured I'd pick what's left of his habs-addled brain.

3 Questions With... @Vaswani_


Apologies for the delay, naps are only your friend in small doses. I'm breaking from tradition and talking to one of the biggest Sundin fans I know today, since he dropped the puck. I asked Navin...

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