Just like the Habs every April

Hitting The Links: Ides Of March Edition


So today is March 15, the Ides of March. Are we all aware that the Bruins only have 13 games left, including tonight? Unlucky numbers everywhere. The top line of David Krejci, Milan Lucic, and T...

Hitting The Links: Spring Break Edition


It's time for a little more sunshine for the Bruins. Not happy fun times sunshine, but actual, literal Florida sunshine. They're facing two teams this week that are at least trying to contend for...

Hitting The Links: Reeling Edition


So this injury bug nonsense is pretty awful. The losses of Patrice Bergeron, Adam McQuaid and new callup Maxime Sauve could be devastating to the Bruins' Stanley Cup chances, especially Bergeron....

Hitting the Links: Back-to-Back Again Weekend Edition


Two straight weekends with back-to-back games for the Bruins? Not a helpful schedule. The Bruins lost both games last week, to the Isles and Rangers, and after a frustrating loss (how many times...

Hitting The Links: Not Quite Quota, But Enough For A Win Edition


Man, I really wanted the Bruins to make quota last night. Sad face.Today is a big day for the Bruins. Will they get Marty Turco? How bad is Benoit Pouliot's lower-body injury? Relatedly, how much...

Hitting The Links: It's Turco Time Edition


Okay, so "Turco Time" almost rolls off the tongue as nicely as "Tuukka Time" does, but it comes with a distinct bitter taste. Tuukka Rask is out for 4-6 weeks, and the Bruins have signed pr...

Hitting The Links: M.A.S.H. Unit Edition


It's starting to feel like 2009-2010 again up in here on this Bruins team, isn't it? With Daniel Paille, Andrew Ference, Nathan Horton, Rich Peverley, and now Tuukka Rask sidelined by injury, the...

Hitting the Links: Picking Up the Pieces Weekend Edition


Yesterday was one of those games where the 2 points don't really mean all that much but you just feel like there should be a consolation prize or something. The Bruins lost Tuukka Rask and Daniel...

Hitting The Links: That Sh*t Krej(ci) Edition


Yes I know Days of Y'Orr made this joke like 15 minutes ago, but HOW CAN YOU NOT. also I had it typed into the headline already, great minds, etc. How about that hat trick? The move back to center...

Hitting The Links: Good Riddance, February Edition


Thank god that's over. The Bruins have their busiest month ahead of them now, with 17 games in 31 days. There is only one break longer than a day this month, and multiple back-to-backs. Can they...

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