Friday Night Fights

Mascot Kombat: Group Stage Results!


The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat continues!

VIDEO: 1 Team We Really Hate: Rivalry Fight Night!


There is certainly a movement away from fighting in the league, and not without reason. I'm going to skip over all of that, though, because it's Montreal hate day and it's time to look at some of...

Big Bad Bruins: Shawn Thornton


Shawn Thonrton 6'2" 217 lbs 138 career fighting majors 752 career penalty minutes First fight: Brad Brown September 12, 1999 Last Fight to date: Jay Rosehill March 6, 2012 Shawn Thornton is...

Big Bad Bruins: Cam Neely


Cam Neely 6'1" 210 lbs 94 career fighting majors 1241 career penalty minutes First Fight: Ed Beers September 23, 1983 Last Fight: Donald Brashear November 4, 1995 Cam Neely was one of the...

Friday Night Fights: Boston vs Montreal


On February 9, 2011 the Bruins and Canadiens created one of the most memorable game in the teams long rivalry. There were 14 goals scored, 7 fights and 182 penalty minutes. It was just the...

Friday Night Fights: Shawn Thornton vs. Riley Cote


Tale of the Tape:Shawn Thornton: 6'2" 217 lbs 132 career fighting majors Riley Cote: 6'2" 220 lbs 68 career fighting majors Shawn Thornton and Riley Cote only fought twice against each other...

Friday Night Fights: Nathan Horton vs. Dale Weise


Tale of the Tape: Nathan Horton: 6' 2" 229 lbs 21 career fighting majors Dale Weise: 6' 2" 209 lbs 14 career fighting majors The first meeting between Boston and Vancouver lived up to the hype...

Friday Night Fights: Mark Recchi vs. Don Sweeney


Tale of the Tape: Mark Recchi: 5'10" 190 lbs 16 career fighting majors Don Sweeney: 5'10" 184 lbs 12 career fighting majors It may not be the craziest fight ever or two monsters standing toe...

Friday Night Fights: Adam McQuaid vs. Raffi Torres


Tale of the Tape: Adam McQuaid: 6'4" 197 lbs 21 career fighting majors Raffi Torres: 6'"0 208 lbs 24 career fighting majors This fight may only be a few days old, but most of the league if not...

Friday Night Fights: Jay Miller vs. Chris Nilan


Tale of the Tape: Jay Miller: 6'2" 210 lbs 217 career fighting majors Chris Nilan: 6'0" 205 lbs 321 career fighting majors Two of the biggest tough guys that the game has ever seen. Jay...


Friday Night Fights: Lyndon Byers vs. Jacques Mailhot


Tale of the Tape: Lyndon Byers: 6'1" 205 lbs 185 career fighting majors Jacques Mailhot: 6'3" 220 lbs 103 career fighting majors Lyndon Byers has always been a fan favorite here in Boston. ...

Friday Night Fights: Terry O'Reilly vs. Dave Schultz


  Tale of the tape:   Terry O'Reilly:  6'1" 200 lbs  228 career fighting majors Dave Schultz:  6'1" 185 lbs  246 career fighting majorsOn January 25, 1976 it was just another fight between Terry...

Friday Night Fights: Shawn Thornton vs. Riley Cote


Tale of the tape: Shawn Thornton:  6'2" 217lbs 123 career fighting majors Riley Cote:            6'2" 220lbs   68 career fighting majors There isn't much of a reason why Shawn Thornton and Riley...

Friday Night Fights: Andrew Ference vs. Matthew Barnaby


Tale of the Tape: Andrew Ference:  5'10" 191 lbs   27 career fighting majors Matthew Barnaby: 6'1"   191 lbs 250 career fighting majors On November 7, 2006, Andrew Ference arguably had his...

Friday Night Fights: Jay Miller vs. Shane Churla


Tale of the Tape: Jay Miller:        6'2"  210lbs  204 career fighting majors Shane Churla:  6'1"  200 lbs 185 career fighting majors Back during the 1980's fighting in hockey was still in its...

Friday Night Fights: Dave "Killer" Carlson vs. Barclay Donaldson


Tale of the Tape:  Dave "Killer" Carlson    ?'?"  ???lbs Barclay Donaldson:      6'0" 184lbs  After a rough start to the season it is time to sit back, relax and get a chuckle or two. This weeks...

Friday Night Fights: Cam Neely vs. Scot Kleinendorst/Shayne Corson


Tale of the Tape:  Under-card: Cam Neely:                6'1"  218 lbs,  94 career fighting majors Scot Kleinendorst:      6'3"  205 lbs, 39 career fighting majors   Main Event: Cam Neely:  ...

Friday Night Fights: Zdeno Chara vs. David Koci


Tale of the Tape:  Zdeno Chara:    6'9"  251 lbs 1,385 career penalty minutes David Koci:       6'6"  238 lbs    461 career penalty minutes It may not have been a good idea that David Koci decided...

Friday Night Fights: Bobby Orr vs. Keith Magnuson


  Bobby Orr is arguable the greatest to have ever laced up a pair of skates.  Here in Boston there is no argument at all. Orr revolutionized the defensive position with quickness and a scoring...

Friday Night Fights: Boston vs. Dallas


This weeks Friday Night Fights will go in a different direction.  There has been some history between the Boston Bruins and the Dallas Stars.  The feud stared back when the Stars were know as the...

Friday Night Fights: McCrimmon vs. Goulet


Tale of the Tape: Brad McCrimmon:   5'11" 193lbs 1461 career penalty minutes Micheal Goulet:       6'1"  185lbs   825 career penalty minutes Seeing how I write an article for Friday Night Fights...

Friday Night Fights: Michael Komisarek vs Milan Lucic


Tale of the Tape:   Michael Komisarek:     6'5" 243lbs 622 career penalty minutes Milan Lucic:                 6'4" 220lbs 390 career penalty minutes Here is a match up that many of you may have...

Friday Night Fights: Stephen Peat Vs. P.J Stock


  P.J Stock vs. Stephen Peat, January 5, 2002 at the Fleet Center in Boston. Tale of the Tape:   Stephen Peat:    6'3"  210lbs 234 career penalty minutes P.J Stock:          5'10" 190lbs...

Friday Night Fights: Stan Jonathan vs. Pierre Bouchard


  Stan Jonathan and Pierre Bouchard- Boston vs. Montreal May 21st, 1978   Tale of the Tape:   Pierre Bouchard:  6'2" 205lbs, 433 career penalty minutes Stan Jonathan:      5'8" 175lbs, 751 career...

Friday Night Fights: Shawn Thornton Vs. Eric Boulton


In the first installment of Friday Night Fights - from 2010, Shawn Thornton vs. Eric Boulton [VIDEO]

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