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SBNation Mock Draft: With the 25th Pick...


The Bruins take talented russian winger Nikolay Goldobin

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Redwing vs A Star


On the one hand, we've got a Redwing, which a type of thrush. On the other, as star is a mass of incandescent gas. Okay, it's actually Plasma. Whatever. I leave it to y'all to make arguments for...

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Jet vs A Shark

It's the west side story matchup we've all been waiting for! I leave it to y'all to make arguments for each. Voting lasts until tomorrow morning. Who ya got?

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: Hurricane vs SabreTooth


The winner of the powerhouse Weather group takes on the second-place Mammal in a tough matchup. In one corner, a prehistoric Predator that stalked our ancestors for fun and food. On the other, a...

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A Bruin vs Lightning


This is going to be a tough matchup for the Bruin, as it's natural enemy - deadly electricity from the sky - is it's first opponent in the knockout rounds. It's a rough going but neither of the...

Mascot Kombat Group of 16: A King vs A Blackhawk


Another matchup which has played out memorably in the playoffs, here is the winner of the Canadian People group, taking on the second-place American People team: A King vs. A Blackhawk I leave it...

Mascot Kombat: Group Stage Results!


The World Cup of Team Name Manifestation Combat continues!

Stanley Cup Final Preview: Its bigger than hip hop

Hello, the Stanley Cup Final is starting tomorrow and we figured we should write out a little preview for all of our favorite Chowdaheads. So let's break down the rosters, starting with LA: Los...


Congrats, Leaf Nation: Randy Carlyle is back!

With a leadership group of Proven Winners including Greater Sudbury's Randy Carlyle and a most of the population of Toronto's Backyard, Mimico, you are sure to just barely miss the playoffs next...


Three Bruins earn "Tonight Show Superlatives"

Jimmy Fallon did his annual "Tonight Show Superlatives" for the NHL playoffs, and the video featured three Penguins, along with Brad Marchand, Zdeno Chara, and Dougie Hamilton. Brad Marchand was...


VIDEO: 30 goals from Bergeron and Iginla, together

Hit play on both videos at the same time.

WWE's Jim Ross calls the Bruins

Jim Ross rules. Hockey rules. Let's mix them together. Bah gawd!

Sochi 2014 Team Preview: Can'tada


Must Reads Hockey Jingoism null •Stanley Cup of Chowder Stanley Cup of Chowder covers your favorite International Hockey Tournaments! Must Reads Hockey Jingoism ...

Chowder Singers: Raptor Jesus, an Ode to Peverley


We couldn't just leave it at lyrics. Your Cup of Chowder Staff brings you: Raptor Jesus.


Sky's Bruins Photoshops One: The Shoppening.

Over the past couple of years, I've sort of been creating more and more photoshops involving bruins players, staff and others. Here are some of the monstrosities I've created when I'm stuck in a...

Bruins PR memo leaked



Breaking down the Bruins' 2013 warmup tunes


I've always enjoyed keeping track of music in sports and movies. Walk-up music in baseball is super fun, and so is warm-up music in the NHL. The differences in music style from team to team and...

#Jerkshire's Top 5 Moments in Bruins/Habs history


Just as a reminder for why we all have perfectly good reasons to hate Montreal, I asked everyone's (least?) favorite habs blogger for the 5 moments in the rivalry's history that make him sit back...

29 Teams We Hate: The Toronto Maple Leafs


Ugh, Toronto. What a joke of a franchise. Sure, they gave us Tyler Seguin Dougie Hamilton and Tuukka Rask, and just last year gave us one of the best comeback wins I've ever seen in sports, but...

29 Teams We Hate: Anaheim Ducks


Fuck the Ducks. Hey, it rhymes! Which is good, because the Ducks are so insignificant that it's hard to come up with things to hate about them. Hell, this article was supposed to go up a week ago...

29 Teams We Hate: Minnesota Wild


Today in 29 Teams We Hate, the Minnesota Wild, who are a disgrace to the State of Hockey.

29 Teams We Hate: Tampa Bay Lightning


Today's "Teams We Hate" looks at the Tampa Bay Lightning, a crybaby fanbase and a team that once gave Barry Melrose a coaching job. Ugh.

29 Teams We Hate: San Jose Sharks


Hello, welcome to our 29-part series about hating every team that's not our team. Today: the San Jose Sharks.

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