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VIDEO: 30 goals from Bergeron and Iginla, together

Hit play on both videos at the same time.

WWE's Jim Ross calls the Bruins

Jim Ross rules. Hockey rules. Let's mix them together. Bah gawd!

Sochi 2014 Team Preview: Can'tada

Must Reads Hockey Jingoism null •Stanley Cup of Chowder Stanley Cup of Chowder covers your favorite International Hockey Tournaments! Must Reads Hockey...

Chowder Singers: Raptor Jesus, an Ode to Peverley

We couldn't just leave it at lyrics. Your Cup of Chowder Staff brings you: Raptor Jesus.


Sky's Bruins Photoshops One: The Shoppening.

Over the past couple of years, I've sort of been creating more and more photoshops involving bruins players, staff and others. Here are some of the monstrosities I've created when I'm stuck in a...

Bruins PR memo leaked


Breaking down the Bruins' 2013 warmup tunes

I've always enjoyed keeping track of music in sports and movies. Walk-up music in baseball is super fun, and so is warm-up music in the NHL. The differences in music style from team to team and...

#Jerkshire's Top 5 Moments in Bruins/Habs history

Just as a reminder for why we all have perfectly good reasons to hate Montreal, I asked everyone's (least?) favorite habs blogger for the 5 moments in the rivalry's history that make him sit back...

29 Teams We Hate: The Toronto Maple Leafs

Ugh, Toronto. What a joke of a franchise. Sure, they gave us Tyler Seguin Dougie Hamilton and Tuukka Rask, and just last year gave us one of the best comeback wins I've ever seen in sports, but...


29 Teams We Hate: Anaheim Ducks

Fuck the Ducks. Hey, it rhymes! Which is good, because the Ducks are so insignificant that it's hard to come up with things to hate about them. Hell, this article was supposed to go up a week ago...

29 Teams We Hate: Minnesota Wild

Today in 29 Teams We Hate, the Minnesota Wild, who are a disgrace to the State of Hockey.

29 Teams We Hate: Tampa Bay Lightning

Today's "Teams We Hate" looks at the Tampa Bay Lightning, a crybaby fanbase and a team that once gave Barry Melrose a coaching job. Ugh.

29 Teams We Hate: San Jose Sharks

Hello, welcome to our 29-part series about hating every team that's not our team. Today: the San Jose Sharks.

29 Teams We Hate: St. Louis Blues

So once upon a time the St. Louis Blues joined the league. They were the best of the 6 new teams, which were all thrown together into the new team division. This is where the term "Original 6"...

29 Teams We Hate: Edmonton Oilers

No, really, they suck.

An exclusive sneak peak at "Behind the B."

The Bruins' new behind-the-scenes TV show will premiere on NESN next week. Being a high-powered sports blog fueled by millions of Internet pennies, Stanley Cup of Chowder got exclusive access to a sneak peak. Check out what's coming up this season.

POLL: Uglier: Ott's Face or Buffalo's Third?

The Buffalo Sabres just released what their new third jersey is going to look like, and it appears they spilled some paint all over some Nashville golds. Look at that fucking thing, sheesh. Of...

29 Teams We Hate: Columbus Blue Jackets

29 Teams We Hate is a new feature we're running in which we break down all the reasons you should hate the league's other 29 teams. Today: those lovable losers, the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Pop Quiz: Pahk Yah Cah In Hahvahd Yahd

It's a slow news september day. Kids are headed back to school. POP QUIZ EVERYBODY! There's a dialect survey that's been going around the internet recently, and it's pretty interesting. They do a...

29 Teams We Hate: New York Islanders

The New York Islanders have been a bit of a sad sack organization ever since ol' Mad Mike came to town. But there are still reasons to find to hate them. Lets take a look, shall we? Right off the...

Lucic The Nerd: Good Looch Hunting

Another TSN story came out recently about fan-favorite Milan Lucic. No, it's not about how he ate a child at Olympic Camp (they're keeping that under better wraps than Hernandez's angel dust...

It's time for Bruins offseason Mad Libs!

Post your finished story in the comments below. The story with the most recs wins!

The Worst Zdeno Chara bobblehead ever

Oh, Lowell.

Tim Tebow Shawn Thornton?

It's the offseason for hockey, and also training camp for the NFL (CFL is in full swing, y'all) so things are getting a bit silly for these sports. There's a lot of talk about non-starting players,...

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