Just like the Habs every April

Fresh Links: Waiting Game Edition


Oh lawd oh lawd two whole more days until hockey time strikes again

Fresh Links: A Year Ago Yesterday Edition


In and around the lockout, it's easy to miss dates that should stick in our memories like glue. Yesterday marks the one-year anniversary of the Bruins' banner raising ceremony at the Garden.

Fresh Links: No Fake Recaps Edition


So the Bruins were supposed to play the Sabres last night and I refuse to do a "fake recap" like some of the other sites out there. I'm not stabbing myself in the heart like that, this lockout is...

Fresh Links: Whaler Days Edition


The further adventures of Tyler Seguin continued this weekend as the former Whalers (Plymouth, not Hartford) star returned to his OHL roots for the Plymouth Whalers alumni game. According to Donna...

Fresh Links: 80 Days Left Edition


There has never been a Bruins player who wore #80, except for one Zane Gothberg at development camp, I believe. Bo-ring. 80 days is also still a really long time. BUT WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS...

Fresh Links: 82 More Days Edition


That's right, only 82 more days until the 2012-2013 season starts! We're optimistic! We're not anticipating a lockout! Everything will be fine! Sunshine, rainbows, and Tuukka Rask shutouts for...

Fresh Links: Midpoint Edition


Today is the midpoint of the Bruins' offseason! HOORAY! Now instead of counting up, we can begin the countdown. 84 days to go until opening night. We can do this. Power through.No update as of yet...

Fresh Links: Yawwwwwwn Edition


Still not a whole lot going on. The three biggest names being thrown around are still Alexander Semin, Shane Doan, and Rick Nash, and likely none of them will come to the Bruins barring some...

Fresh Links: Its Oh So Quiet Edition


There's 93 more days of this until the regular season starts. 93 more days of.....nothing. Okay, that's not entirely true. There's 77 days until preseason starts, fewer than that until training...

Fresh Links: Actually Good Offseason Links Edition


Seriously guys, if you pick one day to read the links, today should be it. There's some really interesting one-offs in here, which is odd for the offseason, for sure. One odd thing going on today...


Fresh Links: Back to Waiting Weekend Edition


With development camp over, it's back to watching the Rick Nash sweepstakes from (hopefully) afar and waiting for training camp to start. Not a ton of Bruins news to go over that hasn't been looked...

Fresh Links: It's Been A While Edition


So after a few months off, we're going to start doing lunch links again. It's been a nice time away, but it's time to get back to business. Free agency is only six days away. How convenient - it's...

Fresh Links: Mother's Day Weekend Edition


Last night the Rangers did what the Bruins couldn't do and finished off the Capitals in a Game 7 on home ice. I'm curious to see if I was the only one rooting for the Rangers. I get that a lot of...

Fresh Links: Royal Imitation Weekend Edition


With a win today in Game 4 against St. Louis, the Los Angeles Kings can reach the Western Conference Finals. The Kings have surprised a lot of people coming from the 8 seed, and by beating...

Fresh Links: The Wait Begins Weekend Edition


We're in that awkward phase now where the Bruins are done but the playoffs are still going on. Player movement can't start yet and other than talking about the teams still left in it there isn't...

Fresh Links: On the Brink Playoff Weekend Edition


It feels like most of this season, outside of that amazing run in November and into December and maybe a little at the end of the regular season, the Bruins have been waiting. Hibernating, you...

Fresh Weekend Links: What, Me Worry? Weekend Edition


So after two games of this series some questions have been answered and some remain to be seen. Would Braden Holtby handle the pressure? So far, yes. Could the Caps win a tight, low-scoring game...

Hitting the Links: Round 1 Weekend Edition


The past four years the Bruins have made the playoffs. They've played Montreal three times, Carolina, Buffalo, Philly, Tampa, and Vancouver during that stretch. But until now they have not had to...

Fresh Links: OH NO BOYCHUK


No news on Johnny Boychuk as of this post. After an ugly knee-on-knee hit last night, the Bruins could be looking to lean on some combination of Mike Mottau, Joe Corvo, and Greg Zanon going...

Fresh Links: Chris Kelly For Seventh Player Edition


If Chris Kelly doesn't win the 7th Player award, I will stage a one-woman riot in downtown St. Louis. Okay, not really. But come on. Who else could possibly deserve it as much as this guy? You...

Fresh Links: Now Can We Clinch? Edition


If the Penguins win in regulation tonight, the Bruins clinch a playoff spot. Cool. I will cheer for the Penguins tonight and zero other nights. Did anyone else listen to last year's playoff montage...

Hitting the Links: Ramping Up Weekend Edition


With 8 games to play after last night's 4-2 victory in Los Angeles, and 7 after tonight's game in Anaheim, I think we've all been looking for signs that this team is going to break out of the...

Hitting The Links: Pacific Coast Road Trip Edition


California is awesome and the Bruins don't get to go there nearly enough. Yes, I said it. Sometimes a few 10pm games in a row are actually sort of fun.Believe it or not, too, there is some beef...

Hitting The Links: Just Like Old Times Edition


What a game last night, eh? Despite it being...well, the Maple Leafs, the Bruins' play was reminiscent of three months ago, when they were dropping laughers on other teams left and right. It felt...

Hitting the Links: It's Not All Bad Weekend Edition


So maybe the sky isn't falling after all. It wasn't perfect, but the Bruins got 2 points yesterday with a 3-2 SO win over the Flyers, with David Krejci, Tyler Seguin, and Patty Bergeron going...

Hitting the Links: The World is Ending Edition


The Bruins loss last night had entirely nothing to do with the team, it was obviously directly correlated to the death of Julius Caesar and the Ides of March. Or at least that's what Jack Edwards...

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