Morning Skate (Open Threads)



As some of you already know, some of us are playing ball hockey up in NH tomorrow. If you didn't already know, now you do. Please join us. They can be a pretty fun time. Aside from that, not much...

Thursday Morning Skate: Just one more thing....


We totally forgot Svedberg in our 50 Things To Get Hyped About. Dammit. He should be playing with the big club this year, trying to earn himself Tuukka Rask money. Good luck, kid. With any luck,...

Wednesday Morning Skate: Woooooo!


Sorry, but I must be brief. Happy Wednesday! What's on tap?

Tuesday Morning Skate: Saved by Rask


Good morning, all. Another day trying to escape from Shawn Thornton's basement. I think I've gone insane. I even think I see the sea. Hold on, maybe I'm not crazy? Maybe that really is the sea?...

Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders top Allouettes


I managed to find an outlet in Shawn Thornton's basement and was able to get a score update from the CFL. I don't know how the football looked, but Saskatchewan was leading 1-0 after 1 quarter....

Thursday Morning Skate: What do you call a fish?


Fssssssh! By the time you read this, I'll be on a boat going fishing all day. Enjoy!

Wednesday Morning Skate: Top o' the morning


Good morning, everyone. If you hadn't seen, Brad Marchand was listed as scoring the 9th best goal of last season. Many of the staff here contributed to the account of the goal, so go check it out. ...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Sick not weak


By now, most of you know the unfortunate news that broke last night: Robin Williams has passed from this world at the age of 63. If this is the first you're hearing about it, I am so sorry. It's...

Monday Morning Skate: Good News, Everyone!


A couple pieces of good news about two former players and one current player for your Monday morning: Marc Savard is joining the Ottawa 67s front office as a scout: Former #bostonbruins star...

Friday Morning Skate: Roughriders beat Winnipeg


Last night, former Riders QB Drew Willy and his Winnipeg Blue Bombers welcomed the Saskatchewan Roughriders to town. They were very welcoming, in fact. Drew Willy may have forgotten which team he's...


Thursday Morning Skate: All Star


Good morning. The title doesn't belong to the delightful couple of restaurants in Inman Square, but instead the MLS all-star game vs Bayern Munich last night. It was decently fun for how late it...

Wednesday Morning Skate: Get well soon, Kimmo


The big hockey news yesterday was that Kimmo Timonen is probably done, career-wise, due to blood clots. That's a damn shame and I hope he gets healthy soon. The flyers signed Michael Del Zotto to...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Huh


Last night Liverpool lost to Manchester United in a Friendly named the International Club Championship in Miami last night. They went up 1-0 at the half, but ManU scored twice in a couple minutes...

Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders rout REDBLACKS


Happy Monday y'all. This past weekend, the Roughriders faced off against the Ottawa REDBLACKS, the expansion CFL team that's attempting to pick up where the Rough Riders dropped off back in 1996....

Friday Morning Skate: 2 hours


The closest thing to bruins news we have today is that Subban's arbitration hearing is at 9am. They might sign before, they might not. He might go to the KHL. We'll see. Go UFA ASAP, P.K. A...

Thursday Morning Skate: OMG AWK


Last night Andrew W.K. tweeted at intrepid chowder bloggers Sean and I. It was great. First, this happened: This is the best day.— CorneliusHardenbergh (@HBAdventure) J...

Wednesday Morning Skate: Settling The Score


Yesterday theScore canned their features department, which is a damn shame. They'll be back somewhere, though, I'm pretty sure. No other news going on in the hockey world, pretty much. What's on...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Punk. Quarterback Punk.


Last night I went to see Point Break on the big screen. Coolidge Corner tracked down a 35mm print and it was fantastic. Gotta go back there soon. As for hockey, I dunno. Tatar signed in Detroit,...

Monday Morning Skate: Gotta go!


Over the weekend my dad asked if there was a place to look at who still needed to be re-signed, so I sent him to capgeek (as you do). 20-30 minutes later, I got this text: So, Qwader & Campbell...

Friday Morning Skate: Happy Weekend!


Good morning, Chowdaheads. Hope you're all doing well on this beautiful Friday morning. I think I am, but its too early to tell. I don't think there is any big news or anything. 364 days until I...

Thursday Morning Skate: Soccer at Fenway


Last night I went to the Liverpool vs AS Roma soccer game at Fenway Park. The field was hilariously short, the soccer was...well, a preseason game. Still fun, though. How about you guys? See any...

Wednesday Morning Skate: Dubas?


The Toronto Maple Leafs hired an assistant GM who's a whizkid with analytics and is 28 years old. They might not be a hopeless mess in the near future. And that's just...I don't even know. Good...

Tuesday Morning Skate: Ayup


Running late so I don't have any topics for y'all. Talk amongst yourselves.

Monday Morning Skate: Monday? Already??


I don't know about y'all but I had a killer weekend. Sad it's over, really. I don't think a whole lot went on hockey-wise. What's on tap y'all?

Friday Morning Skate: End of an Era


Yes, folks its true: Philip Lahm is retiring from international play. It makes sense - he's not getting any younger and he just captained his country to a World Cup victory. A heck of a career for...

Thursday Morning Skate: Drying Off


Good morning everyone! Hope you're alright, what with the flooding and whatnot going on yesterday. Not a lot going on Bruins-wise. What's on tap y'all?

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