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You're the worst, Matt Cooke, and you should leave

You killed one players career and stole a dead man's number. Even Mario Lemieux thinks you're too dirty to keep employed.

Look back: The five biggest Bruins stories of 2013

2013 was a big year for the Bruins, a year of highs and lows, comebacks and blown leads. With 2014 right around the corner, here's a look back at the five biggest Bruins stories of 2013.

Bask in Rask's Masked Past

Tuukka Rask has been wearing the same sparkly bearcat mask since practically the dawn of time (ie 2007). But there have been a few other masks...

A Crazy Idea Worked!

Stanley Cup of Chowder Jerseys are real, and they're fantastic!


The Official Google Autocomplete Season Preview

Earlier today, USA Today's Michael Katz evaluated every NFL quarterback using Google Autocomplete. It's hilarious and accurate and a brilliant idea. Now it's our turn. With the season fast (sort...


All of the second-guessing is over and here's where we're at: We're ready to start taking orders for Stanley Cup of Chowder jerseys. For real. This is where you can order one. All jerseys are...

Lucic The Nerd: Good Looch Hunting

Another TSN story came out recently about fan-favorite Milan Lucic. No, it's not about how he ate a child at Olympic Camp (they're keeping that under better wraps than Hernandez's angel dust...

When The Bruins Became More Than A Hockey Team

This is the story of how the Bruins helped me tolerate chemotherapy

A Crazy Idea Continues: Now Taking Orders

A quick update about where we're at with the jerseys


Bruins League of Nations Part 2: The WORLD!

Last time on the Bruins League of Nations here at Cup of Chowder, we looked at the best player from each of Canada's provinces. Turns out we have a lot of Great Canadians in our team's history, and...

National Hockey League of Nations Part 1: Canada

Canada vs. the WORLD!

Rearview Mirror: Marc Savard's 2006-2007 season

"Rearview Mirror" is a series that takes a look back at notable games, players, or events from the recent past. This first installment takes a look at Marc Savard's memorable first season as a Bruin, in which he recorded 96 points.

An Interactive Visualization of Past NHL Drafts

Ever wonder what junior teams and leagues are drafted from the most? Is Canada the most-drafted from country EVERY year? Now you can take a look for yourself.

James Reimer: As Bad a Liar As He Is A Goalie

Reimer wasn't happy with Boychuk shot beating him high.Says may have been fooled by a black seat in stands at eye level, but says no excuse. — Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger) May 2, 2013 Y...

Happy Earth Day!

Between #treesforgoals, snazzy eco-friendly cars, Rock and Wrap It Up!, and friendly recycling reminders around the city, the Boston Bruins, with Andrew Ference in the lead, are giving back and...

Jarome Iginla to the Bruins: How will it work?

Rumors have been floating around the internet that the Calgary Flames are planning to move Jarome Iginla at or before the trade deadline. Boston is on his short list, along with the Kings and the...


The Bruins and Realignment: Misadventures Abound!

Lilybraden, HEYGUYS Bear™ and I had a lengthy discussion about the implications of the upcoming NHL realignment, and HEYGUYS Bear™ came up with several scenarios we should be concerned about,...

Pat "Little Ball of Hate" Verbeek on Brad Marchand

What does he think of Brad borrowing the nickname?

#TREESFORGOALS Update Through March 4th.

OK! Our main man Ference loves trees, but unfortunately he's not causing us to plant them, but never fear with all the creative pledges Stanley Cup of Chowder is picking up the slack and since...

Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry: Nothing else compares

There's been lots of talk about rivalries lately, but there's no disputing: this one is the best, and if you think otherwise, you're obviously wrong.

NHL Realignment: How would it affect the Bruins?

Here's the proposed map for next year's realignment. How does this affect Boston - and is it a good or a bad thing?

Why PEI is way way way better than Nova Scotia

One thing we didn't really anticipate about this trip, though, was the fact that we were getting to visit the hometowns of two of everyone's favorite Bruins players: Adam McQuaid (Charlottetown) and Brad Marchand (Halifax)!

Concussions in the NHL: The Bruins' big three

Sites around SB Nation NHL are looking at our respective teams concussion history today, as well as sharing opinions, insights, and stories about concussions in the game of hockey. From the Bruins' perspective, it was easy to decide what to focus on.

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