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2007 Airing of Grievances - 12/31/07

Monday, December 31, 2007

As the great Frank Costanza once uttered, "I've got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it". In keeping with the tradition of the Festivus season, I will air my grievances with members of the sports world and all the ways they have disappointed me in the past year.

Eric Gagne

What a waste of money

Manny Fernandez

See Eric Gagne. 4 games played, 6 goals against in two of the four games, 3.93 GAA, and a season-ending knee injury.

'72 Dolphins

Is there a more pathetic group of washed up has-beens than the 1972 Miami Dolphins? If anything, the Patriots going 16-0 has helped bring attention back to them. Maybe now people will actually know who they are while they are charging $20 for their autograph at a card show at some airport hotel in Southern Florida. Records are meant to be broken (or tied), however you want to look at it. Deal with it. Someone needs to create a YouTube video montage of members of the '72 Dolphins bitching about the '07 Patriots with Springsteen's "Glory Days" playing in the background.

Philadelphia Flyers

They have been put on double secret probation by the league after some dirty questionable hits this season. Randy Jones' hit from behind on Patrice Bergeron has left the B's skilled young forward out of the Bruin's lineup for almost all of this season with a grade 3 concussion. Although the Jones hit was from behind, I don't think that there was any intent to injury. The same can't be said for Scott Hartnell's hit on Andrew Alberts (see video below). Hartnell clearly sees that Alberts is not in a position to take a hit and he still lines him up and takes a cheap shot. If I was Hartnell, I would keep my head on a swivel on January 12th when the Bruins face the Flyers in Philadelphia. Someone on the Bruin's roster needs to challenge this guy and make him accountable for his actions. I'm not saying that they should cheap shot him, but one of the B's enforcers needs to give him the opportunity to "show up" and be accountable for his actions.

Rodney Harrison

Face it, Rodney Harrison is a douche bag. If he wasn't on the Pats, you would hate him. He is the football equivalant of Ulf Samuelsson. He has a reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the league, he is constantly talking shit on and off the field,... and oh yeah, he took HGH. I love how everyone forgets the whole HGH thing because the Spygate story broke about a week later and swep it under the rug. I don't think that this picture (above) is really the image the NFL wants to be projecting, especially of a player that used HGH.

Joe Buck & Tim McCarver


Dave Lewis

I was shocked that Lewis wasn't fired earlier. It is clear that Bruins did the right thing in firing Dave Lewis. All you need to do is look at the play of Zdeno Chara this season vs. last. At this point last year Chara was a -7, compared to a +3 this season. Lewis expected Chara to have far too much ice time and handcuffed him from playing his normal physical game. Lewis was notorious for leaving Chara out for extremely long shifts. It would be interesting to see how many goals were scored against the B's last season during the end of the one of Chara extended shifts.

Roger Clemens

I'm glad you were finally exposed for the fraud that you are.

Shocking Names in The Mitchell Report

Say it ain't so Chris Donnels! Say it ain't so Chuck Knoblauch! Not you Nook Logan! Say it ain't so! Mike Lansing!