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The Blog Entry That Started It All: Random Thoughts of the Unemployed Mind - 1/10/06

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random Thoughts of the Unemployed Mind

As you probably know, I have a lot of time on my hands since the worst day of my life (graduation). Over the past 8 months or so of idleness and slacking I've had lots of time to think. The following is a sample of random thoughts and observations. I know many columnists have a similar format (i.e.: Bill Simmons, Bob Ryan etc.) and yes, I completely ripped the idea off from them. I now present you with Random Thoughts of the Unemployed Mind. Enjoy.

I hate people that refer to their favorite team as we.


Guy #1: Hey buddy what's the score of the game?

Guy #2: Were up by 6 with a minute left

Just because you could pass for Dan Dickau and had the same stat line as Brian Scalabrine tonight does not mean you are on the Celtics roster. Only exemptions to this rule are chicks trying to play the sports fan angle.

Do you think Eugene Levy has ever turned down a role? I can picture him sitting down with his agent saying things like, "Sam Jackson signed on?" or "They are making an 8th sequel to American Pie with none of the original cast that will be released straight to dvd?" Sign me up

Joe Thornton makes his return to Boston tonight in a Sharks jersey for the first time since he was shipped out west. I hope Jumbo Joe is given a long standing ovation and ends up with a hat trick as a big ol' "fuck you" to Mike OConnell and the Bruins brass. If you still dont think this deal was a rash move made by a man fearing for his job and an organization that is desperately trying to turn a profit this season, look no further than today's Boston Globe business section.

Why is this Bode Miller thing such a big deal? Who hasn't gotten wasted and gone flying down a snow covered hill at extremely high speeds?..Although, I didnt have skis on.

Best Name in Sports: Sacred Heart hockey player Bear Trapp

Do you think Delonte West will someday land an endorsement deal for Herpracin?

I'm tried of seeing graphics during college basketball and football games that display players majors. Who cares? We know 90% them aren't there for the education. There has to be better information that would make the game more interesting to the casual fan watching at home. I would rather see stat lines like this

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 216

Pos: QB

Hometown: Newport News, VA

Arrests: 6 (rap sheet available at

Illegitimate Children: 3 (2 confirmed, 1 case pending)

Salary: $100,000, unlimited use of booster's Bentley, and on-campus housing for his baby momma

The new NHL has placed a large emphasis on developing regional rivalries within the divisions with increased meetings between division foes. This has made division play more crucial and exciting for the fans, however many traditional original six rivalries have diminished due to the new scheduling. For example the Bruins dont play either the Detroit Red Wings or Chicago Blackhawks this season. I think that the NHL should establish a preseason tournament between the Original 6 teams that would serve as their exhibition season. This tournament would not only rekindle these rivalries as team compete for bragging rights, it would also draw fan interest in 6 of the best hockey markets in the league and increased revenue for the clubs with ticket sales and sponsorship revenue.

Best Fall Semester Schedule: Matt Leinart (1 Course: Ballroom Dancing)

Adam Morrison looks like he should be driving a mid-80s Camaro and hitting on zit-faced 15 year old girls outside a Dairy Queen in Kentucky somewhere.

How come hooliganism never caught on in the States?

This Weeks Flick Pick: Wedding Crashers

This Weeks Whats on Tap?: Carlsberg