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NHL is Banking on Wrong Patchy Bearded Face of The Game

The NHL got exactly what it wanted when Sid The Kid and the upstart Pittsburgh Penguins made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. But, If you ask me the league is making a mistake by making Sidney Crosby the peach fuzz playoff bearded face of the NHL. Although Sidney Crosby is an incredibly talented young player, he seems to be stricken with Tiger Woods syndrome (acute blandness in the presence of media and chronic whininess). There is a much more likable, entertaining, and charismatic player in the NHL: Mr. Alexander Ovechkin.

I have a solution to save the game of hockey: give Alex Ovechkin his own reality show. The show would be like Borat meets Night at The Roxbury meets The Geico cavemen commercials. What makes Ovie so much more entertaining than other NHL players:

- When asked what he would say to President Bush if he ever met him he responded, " 'What’s up, dude? How’s life?" And let him pretend that he doesn’t know who I am".

- His Euro trash inspired wardrobe and love of the night life

- He met his girlfriend online

- His tremendous interview skills that haven't been seen in the game of hockey since Denis Lemieux