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Shawn Kemp Hall of Fame for Paternal Excellence - 1/13/07

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The San Diego Chargers have restricted ticket sales for this weekend's playoff game with the New England Patriots exclusively to residents of Southern California and the surrounding area. This is an extreme measure to maintain their home field advantage against a team whose fans traditionally travel well. "You stay classy San Diego"

If the Tampa bay Devil Rays used this same ticket policy, the only people in the stands would be Dick Vitale and that guy behind home plate that constantly yells at a predetermined (and sometimes random) member of the opposing team each game.




Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez recently visited his son, 19 year-old Mets pitching prospect Pedro E. Martinez in the Dominican Republic. That's right 19 year old son. If my math is correct that would have made the 35 year -old Pedro, 16 at the time of his son's birth. Although, there is no clear way to verify the age of any Dominican-born baseball player. Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez is atleast 108 years old. MLB in addition to steriod testing should begin carbon dating its foreign-born players. Big Pedro (hehe, the name "Big Pedro" makes me giggle) was somehow able to keep his son's existence a secret while playing in two of the most intrusive media markets in the country (Boston and New York). I think it's safe to say that if this kid ever makes it to The Show, the "Who's your daddy?" chant will definitely make a comeback.


Stats: 3 Children (Kai Walls, born April 19, 2006; Willis McGahee IV, born Jan. 6, 2006; and Bria McGahee, born Jan. 17, 2005), 3 Mothers, 3 Paternity Suits

Willis has some interesting views on fatherhood and family.

The L.A. Galaxy of MLS (Major League Soccer) has signed former English National Team midfielder David Beckham to a reported 5-year $250 million contract. This is a large contract for any sport, but considering the fact that the league minimum for rookie developmental players is $11,700, this contract is astronomical. Here is a list of MLS contracts for last season complied by the Washington Post. Beckham's contract includes his endorsement deals, jersey sales, and $50 million in "club benefits". This signing could potentially change the face of MLS and soccer in America. These are the few possible scenarios I see happening as a result of David Beckham entering the league:

1.) This will lead to other International stars signing with MLS making the league more entertaining and mainstream. (There are rumors that Brazilian striker Ronaldo is also contemplating a move to MLS). This move could also help end the current trend of U.S.-born players leaving MLS to play overseas. If these young American players have the opportunity to play in the U.S., make good money, and play in a competitive league; they will stay here and create a much better MLS.

2.) MLS and soccer in general will see a short-lived increase in popularity, but ultimately the novelty will wear off. This is seen every time there is a World Cup. Casual American sports fans become interested in soccer for a short period of time during the tournament and shortly following the Cup.

3.) Beckham will become frustrated with his teammate that is earning $60,000 a year because he isn't getting him the ball or can't handle his services. Beckham is a player that relies heavily on his teammates to be successful and he will have to adjust to the lower level of play in MLS. He is used to playing with some of the most elite players in the world, having played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and the English National team. He isn't a quick, flashy goal scorer who will create for himself but more of a free-kick specialist/ playmaker who can open things up for others.

4.) Beckham will dominate MLS and give the world another reason to look down on MLS.

5.) Beckham (whose game is on the decline) will not dominate MLS, which will give the league some credibility.

6.) Beckham will begin to care more about his endorsement deals than soccer, have a difficult time adjusting to the L.A. scene, get fat, and develop a coke habit.