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Things I've Learned from the NBA Finals

- No lead is safe

- Jeff Van Gundy is the Tim McCarver of basketball broadcasting

- Some people will do anything for playoff tickets

- Kobe Bryant is a huge bitch and is most likely loathed by his teammates and family

- Curt Schilling is a media whore ... but we already knew that

- NBA scheduling makes no sense... Why have more days off between Games 1 & 2 than 2 & 3, when the first two games were played in the same city? Why have a Sunday night game at 9 pm when an east coast team is playing? Why go to the 2-3-2 format instead of the 2-2-1-1-1 format?

- NBA refs have way too much control over the outcome of games

- The Lakers have no real fans

- Doc Rivers constantly has laryngitis

- "Gino" from Garden Jumbotron fame died in 1990 allegedly of AIDS

- "He Got Game" might not be Ray Allen's best performance after all

- Adam Carolla's name on his driver's license is Adam Lakers Carolla