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A Wee Lil' Celtic

If you've been watching the NBA playoffs, you may have noticed a new addition to the Celtics bench. No, the Celtics didn't get Mugsy Bogues to come out of retirement for the playoffs. No, that isn't the new Lucky the Leprechaun. That would be Eddie House's son Jaelen wandering around the parquet. Apparently $1.5 million a year just doesn't pay for child care these days. Although I don't think an NBA locker room is the best place for a young child, it is refreshing to see a professional athlete taking an active role in his children's lives. I guess other players would probably do the same thing if it weren't such as logistics issue. If Shawn Kemp brought all his kids to the game he would have to reserve an entire section.

Here's a segment about Eddie spending some time with the kids at Chuck E. Cheese from Comcast Sports Net New England.