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10 reasons to hate the... Minnesota Twins

1. "The Baggy"
It's a big league ballpark with a giant Hefty bag for a wall. At least bring back the plexi-glass.

3. The Homer Hanky

4. Major League: Back to the Minors
Not even the Indians wanted anything to do with this.

5. Boof Bonser
Who legally changes their name to "Boof"?

6. The baseball stitches on their logo are screwed up
Look at the bottom, under "Twins". The stitches should curve outward not inward.

7. Tradition of Laziness
The Twins are traditionally the last Major League team to report to spring training each year.

8. Little Big League
Rookie of the Year - Chicago + Minnesota - Player + Manager - Gary Busey + Timothy Busfield = Little Big League

Warning: Do not search "Little Big League" on Google Images

9. White Roof
Flyballs get lost in the Metrodome's roof very easily. AL outfielders will be glad when the Twins move into their new ballpark in 2010.

10. They play the Red Sox roughly 8,000 times in spring training each year

The one reason to love the Twins: The Gift of David Ortiz