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10 reasons to hate the...Chicago White Sox

1. 1919 "Black Sox" Scandal

2. Ozzie Guillen is legitimately crazy
I do not envy the fine people that work in the PR department for the White Sox.

3. Only team in MLB history ever to wear shorts during a game

On August 8, 1976 the White Sox took the field for the first game of a doubleheader versus the Kansas City Royals wearing shorts. The shorts didn't make an appearance in the nightcap and have never been seen since.

4. They stole their name from the Cubs
The franchise that is now known as the Chicago Cubs were originally known as the Chicago White Stockings. When Charles Comiskey moved the St. Paul Saints to Chicago in 1900, he adopted the "White Stockings" name that had previously been used by the Cubs (The Cubs were known as the Chicago Orphans at the time).

5. Charles Comiskey
Comiskey was notorious for being cheap. Many blame Comiskey for the game fixing scandal of 1919 citing the comparably low wages he paid his players. He promised his players a bonus if they won the 1917 World Series. When they beat the New York Giants to win the series, all the team received was a case of champagne. Most believe that the nickname "Black Sox" stems from the 1919 scandal, however some historians claim that the White Sox had been referred to as the "Black Sox" before the 1919 World Series. See Comiskey wouldn't pay to have the players uniforms laundered and each player was responsible for washing his own uniform. As a result, the players' uniforms were often dirty and unwashed, leading reporters and fans to refer to them as the "Black Sox".

6. They let Michael Jordan play baseball simply because he is Michael Jordan

7. Two of the worst displays of fan violence in history happened at U.S. Cellular Field

2002: Some hick with prison tattoos and his 15-year-old son run on the field and attack the 54-year-old first base coach of the Kansas City Royals

2003: Fan runs on to the field and attacks umpire Laz Diaz

8. Jay Mariotti is associated with the team
Of course everyone associated with the White Sox hates him and he has been accused of avoiding the Sox clubhouse beacuse he fears for his safety.


10. "The Exploding Scoreboard"

One reason to love the White Sox: Disco Demolition Night