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10 reasons to hate the...Detroit Tigers

1. They play in Detroit
Comerica Park in one of the most underrated ballparks in the league, too bad it's in Detroit.

2. Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb might have been the best player ever to play the game of baseball. He has a career batting average of .367 (highest of all-time). There is no doubt Ty Cobb was an exceptionally talented ball player, but by most accounts, an awful human being.

3. Joel Zumaya's love of Guitar Hero
The hard-throwing righty was unable to pitch in the 2006 ALCS due to a sore wrist which was injured while playing Guitar Hero.

4. They destroyed the career of Dontrelle Willis
Willis struggled so much this season that the once dominant pitcher was optioned to the Single-A Lakeland Flying Tigers.

5. Gary Sheffield

7. One of the lamest moments in rock & roll history took place at Comerica Park
Start watching at the 2:40 mark.

8. Their attempt to buy success
Apparently $138,685,197 buys you a .500 baseball team

9. The last man to win 30 games was also a bookie, drug trafficker, & 7-Eleven clerk

10. The pathetic '03 Tigers
Most Losses in AL history

One reason to love the Tigers: Turns out they have Casey Fossum on their roster. Who knew? I used to be a huge fan of Casey Fossum back when he was with the Sox, mostly because he was the only professional athlete with the same height and weight as me (6'1", 160 lbs). I have since gained 40 lbs and he has gained an eephus pitch.