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10 reasons to hate the...Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

1. "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"
This is the most ridiculous team name in sports. What's next? The Washington Orioles of Baltimore?

2. The Rally Monkey

3. Thundersticks
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California of the U.S. of the Western Hemisphere fans sure love their gimmicks!

4. The California Spectacular

5. Vlad probably pisses on his own hands

6. "K-Rod"
I get it, K stands for strikeout and "K-Rod" sounds like "A-Rod", but shouldn't it be F-Rod?

7. Angels in the Outfield

8. The Disney Years


10. C-H-O-N-E?

One reason to love the Angels: They play in The O.C. and apparently that is cool with the kids these days.