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10 reasons to hate the...Toronto Blue Jays

1. Having to Stand for 2 National Anthems

2. Joe %&@# ing Carter

When I was about 9 or 10 I adopted the Phillies as my favorite NL team. Maybe it was the mullets or maybe it was just metaphysics that drew me to the Phillies, I'm not quite sure.

3. "The Fastest Grounds Crew in Baseball"

I don't appreciate your ruse! There's about 20 square feet of dirt and no grass.

4. "Jays" on Jerseys

I don't like this new trend of officially referring to teams by their nickname. Pretty soon we will have a league filled with dudes names. "This week on Fox Sunday Baseball: the Toronto Jays take on the Tampa Bay Rays or see the Philadelphia Phils versus the Kansas City Roys in an Interleague showdown. Check local listings"

5. They don't play at a park, field, or stadium, but a "centre"

6. Their Tee-Ball Retro Unis

I'm in a good mood and Canadians are too darn likable, so instead of giving you 4 more reasons to hate the Blue Jays I will give you 4 reasons to love the Blue Jays.

1. Vernon Wells' Unique Interactions with the Fans


3. Hot Waitresses Behind Home Plate

4. Canadian Beer Readily Available at Rogers Centre