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Boston loves BC

Many athletes from BC have left their mark on the Boston sports scene and I'm not talking about Doug Flutie or Dana Barros. I'm not even talking about that school out in Chestnut Hill with the basketball team full of thugs. I'm talking about the real BC, the Canadian province of British Columbia.

As a result of the trade that sent Manny Ramirez to LaLa Land, Jason Bay (Trail, BC) becomes the latest native of British Columbia to be a part of the Boston sports landscape. Bay joins fellow British Columbians Milan Lucic (Vancouver, BC), Chuck Kobasew (Vancouver, BC), Andy Moog (Penticton, BC), Tiny Thompson (Sandon, BC), and Cam Neely (Comox, BC), who have all made a name for themselves in The Hub.

Jason Bay most likely will not be the last British Columbian to burst on to the Boston sports scene. Bruins prospects Brock Bradford (Burnaby, BC) and Zach Hamill (Vancouver, BC) both hail from BC. In fact Brock Bradford is from BC (British Columbia) and played his college hockey at BC (that school in Chestnut Hill).